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Some of them did not travel .. Omicron’s injuries are high in this country


What triggers “OmigronAmid worldwide panic, Danish health officials announced on Sunday that the number of confirmed infections with the new variant of the corona virus had risen to 183, which they consider “alarming.”

According to last Friday’s census, the number of unconfirmed infections in Denmark was limited to 18, and 42 unconfirmed cases, at least three times more than 48, according to SSI data. Hrs.

Prior to the announcement, the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention had calculated 182 Omicron cases in various parts of the EU, excluding Norway and Iceland.

They did not travel or interact with passengers

Denmark, with a population of 5.8 million, is the most developed and fastest in detecting infections from other European countries, without which the epidemic spreads rapidly in its territory.

For his part, Henrik Ullum, director of the “SSI” Institute, said in a statement: “We are seeing a dangerous increase in the number of infections.Omigron In Denmark, “those who do not travel or come in contact with travelers have a chain of mutually detected infections,” he added.

“Serious” work

Olom stressed that the company was doing “serious” work to speed up the results of the tests so that healthcare companies could detect the impact of the infection chain “as soon as possible”. “We should use the time we win to vaccinate as many people as possible,” he stressed. “If the Ommigran eruption continues, a vital immune system will cause more setbacks to our community.”

Of the 183 confirmed infections, 32 were diagnosed with the most advanced “WGS” technology, while 151 were diagnosed with the “BCR” test.

In recent days, cases of Omigran mutation have been reported in a large number of countries, which raises concerns regarding its vague changes, although the World Health Organization has reported no deaths since then.

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For his part, Danish health official Brigitte Truss told Ritz that “about a week ago, a case was first detected in Denmark and (the eruption) is fast.”

38 caused by lunch

With Christmas approaching in the west of the country, which was attended by 150 people, Truce also pointed out that a company had 38 confirmed cases with lunch for its employees. Another focus was found in the background of a similar event in Wyborg in the West.

In addition, the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention said 17 countries in the European Union have detected at least one infection with Omigran in their soil. Portugal (34), Norway (19), the Netherlands (18) and Germany (15) were the countries with the highest number of cases.

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