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Sony Electronics Releases InZone Monitors and Spatial Gaming Headsets for PC and PS5


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Sony Electronics has released a new family of InZone gaming monitors and gaming headsets for both PC and PlayStation 5s.

InZone is a brand new brand introduced by Sony for gaming devices. It’s separate from the PlayStation because it was developed by Sony Electronics with a primary focus on PC cameras.

But these new products also have features aimed at PS5 users. However, the InZone brand will primarily target PC gamers. Sony said the gaming market is growing at a rapid rate and market researcher Umdia expects it to grow at a steady rate until 2023.

The screens focus on fast first-person shooter games. Sony has unveiled the InZone M9, a 27-inch diagonal 4K monitor that works at 144Hz. It is compatible with IPS 1ms GtG (gray to gray), variable update rate or VRR, (HDMI 2.1) and G-sync. It also has some unique features for the PS5, including an automatic KVM switch / USB-C (DP Alt Mode). It sells for $ 899 and debuts this summer.

Sony also has a 27-inch HD monitor called the InZone M3. It works at 240 Hz. It has IPS1MS GTG and VRR and is G-sync compatible. Also it has features like PS5. It sells for $ 529 and is coming this winter. Both screens support HDR.

The screens have a full local dimming system where light travels where it is needed, so you can see more depth in shadows and highlights. The idea is that you can detect enemies lurking in the dark and expose objects to brightness with greater clarity.

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On the M9, the screen is DisplayHDR certified at 600kg brightness.

In terms of controls, Sony claims that the Inzone Hub PC software allows you to quickly and easily adjust screen settings with just a few mouse clicks using the OSD menu control PC software.

You can set specific image mode and headphone audio profiles for personal PC applications such as Cam. You can control the brightness and contrast of the FPS game image mode, monitor game time, or show how smooth the game is running with the frame rate counter.

For the PS5, the console automatically recognizes InZone displays when set up and upgrades to HDR settings, so you can see details and colors in the bright and dark areas of the screen in high-contrast displays.

InZone will automatically switch to Game 1 mode when playing game monitors. This reduces the input delay to make the process more responsive. You can use the cinema mode when watching movies from streaming service or Blu-ray Disc on PS5, which focuses on image processing for a more transparent image.

Inzone headphones

Sony headphones range from $ 99 to $ 299.

Sony alsh has three new gaming headphones. It includes $ 300 H9 with digital noise cancellation, smooth skin and wireless and Bluetooth systems. 32 hours battery life and wireless USB adapter.

The H7 sells for $ 229 and comes with a wireless USB adapter. It lasts 40 hours and has wireless and Bluetooth settings. The H3 sells for $ 99 and comes with a 3.5mm jack and wired USB adapter.

All three headphones have customized spatial sound fields and comfortable wear. The headset is designed to accurately detect spatial probes, so you can hear the enemies walking behind you in the game.

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Sony claims that the 360 ​​Spatial Sound Personalizer analyzes the shape of your ears and adapts the 3D sound for you. Headphones have cushions on the top of the strap so they are comfortable on your head and in your ears. Hope to keep playing for hours at a time.

With headphones, you can listen to smartphone calls, voice chat and music while playing games. For the PS5, it works with Tempest 3D audio technology.

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