March 25, 2023

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Sources in “Al-Payan”: “Mediation” stopped Hamdock’s resignation

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Sudanese officials have said they will not allow the caretaker Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdouk to submit his resignation.

From the moment the news of Hamdok’s intention to submit his resignation was leaked, calls from national officials and dignitaries followed, with similar evidence confirming that it would restore the situation before last November, with the intention of withdrawing such action. 21, and further complicates the scene, especially the effects of the crisis caused by the decisions of the Army Chief of Staff last October 25 cast a shadow over all aspects of the country’s life.

Sources close to Hamdok said the mediator had persuaded him to reverse the resignation decision and assured him that he would liaise with all parties to fulfill his interim obligations.

He added, “As part of a compromise reached with the military, a political agreement was reached between the mediators and Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, chairman of the Sovereign Council, and Hamdok, who returned to his post on October 25, dismissing him and his government members.”


Another source told al-Bayani about the reasons behind Hamdok’s resignation, saying Hamdok was under intense pressure from many quarters to quickly form a technical government, with some political parties failing to meet their obligations. Him.

There are also conditions he set for the military in return for his stumble in enforcement, the most important of which was the expulsion of peace parties (armed movements) from the cabinet, which saw strong opposition. Those categories.

Evidence suggests that political incompatibility between political forces, especially the forces of freedom and change, was one of the reasons for Hamdok’s resignation, as some elements of the coalition pushed him into political agreement, but they rejected those promises. Even combined with elements that reject partnership.

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