June 3, 2023

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الإحصاء: عدد سكان مصر  وصل إلى 102 مليون و717 ألف نسمة

Statistics: The population of Egypt has reached 102 million and 717 thousand people

Dr. Hussein Abdul Aziz, General Superintendent of the Central Agency for Population and Statistics for Census and Economic Census, said: Population of Egypt At noon today, it had reached 102 million and 717 thousand people, and the population at that time was 94.8 million, compared with the 2017 census, 7.9 million people in four years, “two countries, three by three, increased by us.”, In 6 years The number of births has dropped by 500 thousand and will increase by 2 million every year.

In an interview with journalist Amr Abdel Hamid and journalist Nashat al-Taihi on the Al-Mashhad program on the TeN channel on Sunday, Abdel Aziz said the issue arose during the census. Between the 2006 and 2017 censuses, the increase was 2.56%, an increase of 2.04% compared to the previous period, i.e. there was a boom and an increase in the number of births during this period. There was stability in the reproductive variables.

He continued, “The average number of children a woman gives birth to at the end of her reproductive life is measured by the number of children she gave birth to:” In the sixties, the average woman had 6.5 children, and that number continued to decline until 2008. 3 children, then increased to 3.5 in 2014, then increased. “That means every 10 women give birth to 35 children, and the accumulation has led to a significant increase in the population.

He stressed that population growth is caused by a continuing decline in reproduction and mortality, and that influential factor reproduction levels, and in the case where population rationality wants to work, need to be considered. About breeding stages.

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