February 8, 2023

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Strange news .. Scientist who confirmed the existence of 4 civilizations that are hostile to humans in the Milky Way!

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A Spanish astronomer moved from the hypothesis that there are civilizations other than humans in space, and confirmed that there are 5 civilizations in our Milky Way, 4 of which are hostile to humans, but that they could not attack us.

This conclusion was reached by the Spanish scientist of the University of Alberto Caballero “Vigo”. According to the “Russia Today” website quoted by “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Mankind has been searching for extraterrestrial intelligent beings for decades.

The first attempt to discover this mind began in 1962, when Soviet scientists, using Morse characters, sent into space 3 words: “Peace, Lenin, Soviet Union.”

In 1974, the space telescope “Arecibo” sent a detailed message to the galaxy “M13” containing information about humans and their DNA and the description of our solar system.

The project is running today METI The International Council for the Sending of “Messages of Happiness” to Foreign Civilizations has sent messages to nearly 30 star organizations.

However, attempts to communicate with foreign civilizations have been repeatedly criticized by many scientists, including the late British scientist Stephen King, who described it as a cat’s attempt to communicate with mice.

Well-known Russian radio astronomer Nikolai Kardashev recommended classifying the stages of development of civilizations according to the level of energy consumption.

According to Kardashian, there are 3 types of civilizations that control the energy of their planet, the civilizations that control the energy of their star, and the civilizations that control the energy of the galaxy as a whole.

For mankind, this is considered a “zero” civilization, which uses part of the planet’s resources and is still in the early stages of recovery.

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The possibility of the intervention of the most advanced civilization in the conflict on our planet can be compared to the deadly “Czech Slug” asteroid with a diameter of 10 kilometers, which killed 75% of life 65 million years ago, says a Spanish scientist. On our planet, including dinosaurs. That catastrophic catastrophe could happen again 100 million years later. As for the dangers of wars with civilizations hostile to us, they are very small.

The Spanish scientist points out that there is a relationship between the stage of development of civilization and its hostility. Zero civilizations can use weapons against other civilizations, but their hands are short. As for the civilizations that developed to the first level, they found no meaning in hostility.