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Sudan..Signs for a solution and immediate improvement for the crisis


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Sudan shines a light of hope on a solution that is expected to see a turning point in the coming days, especially in light of efforts to find a safe exit and divert the train to its tracks, as evident in the positions of some parties. Recent statements by Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, chairman of the Interim Sovereign Council, make it clear that there will be consensus in the days to come, especially since al-Burhan acknowledged the defeat of all. Emphasize the need to reach an agreement and manage the interim period in the previous step.

Al-Burhan announced the procedures for the release of political prisoners, declaring that they would be released in two or three days, preparing the environment for dialogue and contributing with others to achieve reconciliation, and that the military was ready. If there is a consensus among the political forces, he should step down and hand over power to the people. He instructed competent companies to reconsider the state of emergency and maintain certain rules aimed at national security and the economy.

In turn, the Revolutionary Front welcomed al-Burhan’s statements on measures to create a conducive environment for negotiations to resolve the crisis, emphasizing that the Front’s initiative would include a roadmap for initiating confidence-building measures. The environment through the release of political prisoners and the lifting of the state of emergency. The Revolutionary Front, according to its spokesman Osama Saeed, said responding to these demands was a goodwill and radical gesture to launch a dialogue that would lead to a comprehensive political settlement, pointing to demands from the civilian forces. Must be accomplished including the cessation of aggression, the rejection of annoying talk and the acceptance of a political solution through dialogue.

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Professor of Political Science, Dr. Al-Rashid Mohammed Ibrahim al-Bayani said there was a movement to regulate the Sudan scene, and that its predecessors, Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the head of the Sovereign Council, had been pushing for it, starting with a tour of some countries. Sudanese consensus at the level of decision-making circles in Sudan. Conducting a dialogue process and taking serious steps to form a government that takes into account the problems and issues of the Middle Ages and the need for deteriorating economic conditions.

Ibrahim added that it was this movement that prompted some parties to move in the direction of a solution, especially as there is now a rivalry between the initiative of the Volcker-led “UNITAMS” mission and the national efforts of the African Union. Coalition on an initiative points to the unification of beliefs that Sudan cannot rule for a single party, either as a citizen or as a military, and the reaction to this came from political forces, which raised the slogan “No”. Negotiation, no partnership, ”he said, adding that even if political prisoners were released and the state of emergency was lifted, their participation would not matter.


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