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Sudan..Signs for a solution and immediate improvement for the crisis




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Sudan shines a light of hope on a solution that is expected to see a turning point in the coming days, especially in light of efforts to find a safe exit and divert the train to its tracks, as evident in the positions of some parties. Recent statements by Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, chairman of the Interim Sovereign Council, make it clear that there will be consensus in the days to come, especially since al-Burhan acknowledged the defeat of all. Emphasize the need to reach an agreement and manage the interim period in the previous step.

Al-Burhan announced the procedures for the release of political prisoners, declaring that they would be released in two or three days, preparing the environment for dialogue and contributing with others to achieve reconciliation, and that the military was ready. If there is a consensus among the political forces, he should step down and hand over power to the people. He instructed competent companies to reconsider the state of emergency and maintain certain rules aimed at national security and the economy.

In turn, the Revolutionary Front welcomed al-Burhan’s statements on measures to create a conducive environment for negotiations to resolve the crisis, emphasizing that the Front’s initiative would include a roadmap for initiating confidence-building measures. The environment through the release of political prisoners and the lifting of the state of emergency. The Revolutionary Front, according to its spokesman Osama Saeed, said responding to these demands was a goodwill and radical gesture to launch a dialogue that would lead to a comprehensive political settlement, pointing to demands from the civilian forces. Must be accomplished including the cessation of aggression, the rejection of annoying talk and the acceptance of a political solution through dialogue.

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Professor of Political Science, Dr. Al-Rashid Mohammed Ibrahim al-Bayani said there was a movement to regulate the Sudan scene, and that its predecessors, Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the head of the Sovereign Council, had been pushing for it, starting with a tour of some countries. Sudanese consensus at the level of decision-making circles in Sudan. Conducting a dialogue process and taking serious steps to form a government that takes into account the problems and issues of the Middle Ages and the need for deteriorating economic conditions.

Ibrahim added that it was this movement that prompted some parties to move in the direction of a solution, especially as there is now a rivalry between the initiative of the Volcker-led “UNITAMS” mission and the national efforts of the African Union. Coalition on an initiative points to the unification of beliefs that Sudan cannot rule for a single party, either as a citizen or as a military, and the reaction to this came from political forces, which raised the slogan “No”. Negotiation, no partnership, ”he said, adding that even if political prisoners were released and the state of emergency was lifted, their participation would not matter.


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The Gaza war will last more than a few weeks



The Gaza war will last more than a few weeks

Jerusalem / Abdel Raoub Arnaud / Anatolia

Hebrew newspaper Maariv said on Friday that Israeli army chief Herzey Halevy informed US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on Thursday that the war in Gaza would take more than a few weeks.

Halevy’s words came in response to Blinken’s question on the matter, the newspaper quoted two Israeli sources familiar with Thursday’s meeting with the Israeli military cabinet in West Jerusalem.

He said: “Blinken raised the issue on his own initiative, and how long the Israeli army’s operation in Gaza is expected to continue in its current scope, which includes very large ground forces.”

According to the newspaper: “Blinken explained that (US President Joe) Biden’s administration is concerned that continued Israeli military action in Gaza, especially with the scale and intensity it is currently taking, will significantly increase international pressure. On Israel and America.”

He continued: “According to the sources, Blinken asked Israel to take additional measures to ensure that the operation in the southern Gaza Strip does not cause serious harm to civilians.”

It reported that Halevy responded that “the IDF’s operation in Gaza, including in the southern region, is expected to continue for more than a few weeks.”

Maariv pointed out that the Biden administration “has yet to call for a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, or demand that Israel cease military action.”

He added: “But there is deep concern in Washington about the resumption of military action in the Gaza Strip after the (temporary) ceasefire that ended on Friday morning, especially about the (anticipated) Israeli military action in the south of the Gaza Strip, home to two million Palestinians.

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He added: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and Levy told Blinken that ground operations in southern Gaza would be less harmful to civilians than airstrikes.”

On Friday morning, a temporary cease-fire in the Gaza Strip ended on November 24 with Qatari-Egyptian mediation and lasted for 7 days, during which prisoners were exchanged and humanitarian aid brought into the enclave of about 2.3 million people. Palestinians.

During the pre-ceasefire round, the Israeli military repeated its messages, which asked residents of the northern Gaza Strip to move to the southern Gaza Strip, but targeted the displaced in areas and roads it said were “safe”. It committed documented massacres, which met with international and international condemnation.

Since last October 7, Israel has been waging a devastating war in the Gaza Strip that has caused massive infrastructural destruction and tens of thousands of civilian casualties, most of them children and women, in addition to an unprecedented humanitarian disaster, according to an official Palestinian official. and UN

The message published on the official page of Anadolu Agency is a summary of a part of the message shown to subscribers via the News Streaming System (HAS). To register with the agency, please contact the following link.

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Martyrs and Injured in Israeli Attacks on Gaza After the End of the Ceasefire | news



Martyrs and Injured in Israeli Attacks on Gaza After the End of the Ceasefire |  news


4 Palestinians were killed and several others injured in attacks by the Israeli occupation army in different areas of Gaza.Clashes erupted on multiple axes in the area minutes after the end of a week-long humanitarian ceasefire. And its extension has not been announced.

Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Gaza reported martyrs and wounded as a result of an Israeli attack targeting a house in central Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

The 4-day ceasefire that started last Friday was extended twice and ended today at 7 am local time.

The Israeli military said it had resumed operations against the Palestinian Islamist movement (Hamas) in Gaza, accusing the movement of violating ceasefire terms and firing into Israel. Gaza

The Israeli military confirmed that its warplanes were bombing all areas of the Gaza Strip, and military radio quoted a senior political source as saying, “We are back to fighting with full force and no negotiations have been held to release the abductees.”

Al Jazeera’s correspondent monitored the Israeli offensive in the northwest of the Gaza Strip and artillery attacks targeting various parts of Gaza City. He confirmed that clashes broke out between the opposition and occupation forces in more than one area in Gaza City and the northern Gaza Strip. He said the Israeli strike targeted a site near Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

The reporter confirmed that casualties were reported as a result of Israeli strikes and artillery fire in various parts of Gaza.

The government media office in Gaza announced a series of raids targeting the south of the Strip, while Gaza’s Interior Ministry confirmed that Israeli aircraft had targeted the town of Abasan east of Khan Yunis and a house in the Abu Iskandar area in the northwest. of Gaza City.

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The seven-day ceasefire allowed for the exchange of prisoners from occupied prisons to Palestinian prisoners in Gaza, and facilitated the entry of humanitarian aid into the Strip.

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Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court visits Israel



Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court visits Israel

Hack – AFP

The International Criminal Court announced Thursday that public prosecutor Karim Khan traveled to Israel “at the request and invitation” of survivors and families of victims of the October 7 Hamas attack.

The court explained through the “X” site that the visit was “not investigative in nature” but it “represented an important opportunity to express sympathy and initiate dialogue for all the victims.”

Khan is scheduled to travel to Ramallah in the West Bank, where he will meet with senior Palestinian officials, the court said.

Since October 7, Israel has launched a military campaign in the Gaza Strip, killing more than 15,000 people, including more than 6,000 children.

The International Criminal Court, established in 2002 to prosecute the world’s worst atrocities, began investigating possible war crimes in the Palestinian territories in 2021, including possible crimes committed by Israeli forces, Hamas and other armed Palestinian factions.

Khan announced that his mandate would include crimes committed during the current war. But the tribunal’s teams could not enter Gaza and were not allowed to conduct trials in Israel, which is not a member of the tribunal.

The five signatories to the International Criminal Court’s founding treaty requested an inquiry into the “situation of the State of Palestine,” Khan announced, explaining that he had gathered “a large amount of information.” Both sides could face war crimes charges, legal experts said.

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