June 3, 2023

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“Sudden death” occupies football fields and abducts four players, including 3 Arabs

The “sudden death” this December invaded football fields and abducted three players and a coach.

Former Egyptian Ismail star and coach of the Alexandria team Adam El Soltar has suffered a “sudden death” on the football field since this December, after he died of a heart attack and finally scored his team’s winning goal. Seconds, with the goal of the al-Sarqa team, the Egyptian second class in the league.

On the 21st of this month, the “Tornado” club, which is participating in the Indonesian third tier football league, announced that its goalkeeper Tawfiq Ramsey had died after colliding with one of the opposing players during the match against the “Vajna” club.

The goalkeeper was taken to hospital with a serious head injury and underwent emergency surgery, but he died.

In another tragic scene, Omani Muscat club player Maklith al-Raqadi died at the age of 29 during training, just before the start of his team’s match against al-Suwaik in the sixth round of the local football league. .

Omani media reports revealed that Maklit al-Raqadi suffered a severe heart attack during his team’s training, which led to his death.

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Moulotia “Happy” team’s Algerian captain Sofian Locar, who was the last victim of a “sudden death” on the football field this month, died of a heart attack on Saturday, Saturday, during a match against his team against Oran. Association.

Video clips from inside the stadium showed several attempts by medical staff to revive the Algerian player’s heart after he suffered a heart attack, but attempts failed, and he died on the field when he was not over 30 years old.

Source: RT