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Summary – Element with Abla Fahida: I Stop Singing On One Matter, I Do Not Like Calling By This Title | News




Angam was a guest on the show “Abla Fahida Live From Duplex” aired on “On” channel.

On the front, the element in the tunes of the popular song “Jedo Ali” featured a concerto of performances from his long singing career.

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Below we review the most important of Angam’s speeches in the first part of the “Apla Fahida Live from Duplex” show hosted by Caro Puppet.

My wish is that 2022 should be as good as last year.

I can play piano and lute.

– I do not like my favorite pet name “Nakoma” or “Nonu” and “Negnoka”.

– I did not like math and science in school.

– My favorite song from childhood was “Suse Kaf Arusa” by Affaf Roddy.

– My first salary on Egyptian radio was பவு 70, after I was officially recognized as a singer.

– I stopped singing in one case, which means my voice was “strong”.

I have not yet done my best technical achievement, and I still have to deliver.

The second part of the meeting will air on New Year’s Day tomorrow at 10pm on Friday, where Abla Fahida Angam and her sons Omar and Abdul Rahman will be interviewed.

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Controversy over the “Napoleonic firing” of the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza



Controversy over the “Napoleonic firing” of the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza

International director Ridley Scott’s American historical film “Napoleon”, which cost around $200 million, was a notable success in terms of audience and revenue, but it also provoked widespread criticism on historical and artistic levels. Indeed, particularly troop-launching scenes Napoleon Bonaparte shot at the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza during his campaign in 1798. The film, which is currently showing in American cinemas, presents the character of Napoleon Bonaparte in a new perspective. , she appears in him in two ways, one through his relationship with the army and his country France, and the other through his love for “Josephine”.

“There is no evidence that the French campaign led by Bonaparte fired his fire at the nose of the Sphinx,” said Salima Akram, professor at the American University in Cairo, and continued, “He certainly did not fire at the pyramids. We know that he did not hold the Sphinx and the pyramids in high esteem and took advantage of their presence. “

Egyptian critic Tarek El-Shenawy said, “There have been criticisms of historical errors, including the Battle of the Pyramids in Egypt, but Ridley Scott presents a visual perspective, not a historical one, and said the phrase is dynamic. Rich material for dialogue and controversy, the director’s freedom to add or remove facts.” dealing with.” His visual vision has been documented in history.

For his part, Scott responded to these criticisms by saying, “I don’t know whether Napoleon Bonaparte did it or not, but to me it was a quick way of saying that this is how Egypt was controlled at the time.”

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Historian Michael Bowers said: “There are events that Scott has to move quickly, and events that diverge from reality with the aim of making it easier for the audience to follow them, and to clearly understand the filming of the pyramids. In this context, nothing of the sort actually happened during the French campaign.” 1798 in Egypt, but it’s interesting to have these kinds of scenes in the film.”

When discussing doing so with director Scott, he said, “When you said we’d shoot in front of the pyramids, you laughed, didn’t you?” said. “So it will be.”

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“Bee Sting”: Family Stories and Secrets in Dramatic Novel Form



“Bee Sting”: Family Stories and Secrets in Dramatic Novel Form

The novel “Bee Sting” written by Irish novelist Paul Murray, involves a family drama that is narrated from multiple angles to a family of four struggling in the midst of financial and existential crisis. Throughout its 656 pages, the mysteries, secrets and self-deception experienced by its members are revealed one after the other.

Unstable service

The novel was shortlisted for the 2023 Booker Prize, and has been described as “hilarious, heartbreaking, epic and brutally honest”. The award website summarized the following: “An icy road, a charming stranger and a bee stuck in the bride’s veil. Can a moment of misfortune change the course of life? “


The events of the novel take place in a town in contemporary Ireland where we learn about the Barnes family who are in financial trouble. Father Dickie flees to the woods after the collapse of his lucrative car business in 2008, where he works long hours on a shelter project to predict the end of the world, while his exasperated wife, Imelda, sells their wares on eBay. Their daughter Cass, first in her class, is apathetic and fears for her future. Their 12-year-old son BJ, who is in debt He plans to run away. We see each person’s life through the eyes of each person during the worsening environmental disaster, paralleled by floods, droughts and the collapse of the family, the parents continuing to deny their previous lives, and the loss and turmoil of both of them. Teenage children.


Quoting novelist William Faulkner, Murray said in an interview that “the past never dies,” but preferred to write about the present with all its horrors, including climate change.

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The author draws the novel’s characters as life-like, they have moments of love and generosity despite their faults and problems, and tracks their transformation by using a cyclical method of telling stories in each person’s tongue, as change appears. Some of them are funny, others are sad. The novel initially introduces us to wife Imelda’s sharp temper and materialistic tendencies, and as she lifts the curtain on her life, her marital circumstances, and the difficulties of her childhood, it appears to be the self-delusion she experiences. Purely human nature. In this way, the writer enters the characters’ worlds to bring them to life with a new perspective.


What drew critics to the novel was its interest in teenage life and friendship and family relationships, father-son relationships, sibling rivalry, tragedy, self-destruction and denial, as well as the subjectivity of misguiding people. , all on par with the creativity of Funny Moments. The British newspaper “The Daily Telegraph” described the novel as “a brilliant work of fiction, sharp in mind and keen in thought, but big in heart”.

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A Canadian celebrates love… a Brazilian celebrates motherhood at the International Film Festival in Marrakech



A Canadian celebrates love… a Brazilian celebrates motherhood at the International Film Festival in Marrakech

Screenings at the Marrakesh International Film Festival include acclaimed films signed by female directors; Among them, in the official competition films directed by Karolina Markovic, a Brazilian film entitled “The Outcome”, about the suffering of a Brazilian mother with her only son, who is not more than eighteen years old. The mother strives hard with her feeble faculties to free him from his crisis; To cover her son’s medical expenses and save him, she engages in theft with her friend.
The film depicted the dangerous psychological changes that occur in young people due to family breakdown and the pressures and contradictions of everyday life. Actress Maeve Jenkins, who attended the ceremony, portrayed the suffering and pain of a mother. With family breakdown, grief and social fragility.
Tunisian-born Canadian diaspora director Mounia Shukri also presented in the “Special Offers” category a film about a woman who takes on all the work, starring Magali Lipin Bondo, who takes on the role of a philosophy professor who ends her routine. Life with her husband due to a love story with a young carpenter, of Spanish origin, who came to repair her house; She decides to go with her lover on a journey to find another existence full of pleasure, to give another meaning to life and freedom.
During the course of the film, director Mouniya, a screenwriter himself, unravels the heroine’s feelings and philosophical questions, regardless of the man who is controlled by the power of love. She then chose to leave her lover, especially as other flaws appeared in her relationship with the simple social environment of her lover, the carpenter, which was very different from what she had lived with her husband. A philosophy professor.
During the discussion of the film, the Canadian director said that he was interested in presenting the character and giving him an aesthetic and intellectual dimension, and the personality and identity of the director came out through some clips of Arabic music and Faiza Ahmed’s songs. : I love this music, it has my own… There is also a reference to Jojo, an Algerian who was a friend of his father’s, who saw love as politics; Because it affects the affiliation of certain groups in the society, and perpetuates social inequalities.
Responding to the end of a romantic relationship in the film with Infatuation Despite Separation, the director did the opposite; This can be a good result for love to live longer and a sign that a woman does not need a life partner to find her happiness.

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