June 25, 2022

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Summary – Element with Abla Fahida: I Stop Singing On One Matter, I Do Not Like Calling By This Title | News

Angam was a guest on the show “Abla Fahida Live From Duplex” aired on “On” channel.

On the front, the element in the tunes of the popular song “Jedo Ali” featured a concerto of performances from his long singing career.

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Below we review the most important of Angam’s speeches in the first part of the “Apla Fahida Live from Duplex” show hosted by Caro Puppet.

My wish is that 2022 should be as good as last year.

I can play piano and lute.

– I do not like my favorite pet name “Nakoma” or “Nonu” and “Negnoka”.

– I did not like math and science in school.

– My favorite song from childhood was “Suse Kaf Arusa” by Affaf Roddy.

– My first salary on Egyptian radio was பவு 70, after I was officially recognized as a singer.

– I stopped singing in one case, which means my voice was “strong”.

I have not yet done my best technical achievement, and I still have to deliver.

The second part of the meeting will air on New Year’s Day tomorrow at 10pm on Friday, where Abla Fahida Angam and her sons Omar and Abdul Rahman will be interviewed.

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