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Sunday, November 7, 2021 The dollar price in Syria today


In Syria, on Sunday morning, Sunday, November 7, 2021, the dollar strengthened today in the unofficial (black) parallel currency market.

The price of the dollar today in Syria

The dollar reached 4 3,475 for buying and 3, 3,525 for selling on the unofficial online market.

The country is concerned after Syrian reports warned of Turkish military equipment in Ras al-Ain and Tal Abiyad in the north of the country to launch an operation against Syrian democratic forces.

On Thursday, Kazakhstan announced that it would hold the next round of talks on Syria in the form of Astana in mid-December.

Officials said on Wednesday that Syria would cut subsidies for basic goods such as bread and petrol to about 800,000 of its wealthy citizens by the end of this year to help reduce the government’s financial burden.

The move will affect high-income earners working in the private sector so they can buy basic items with ration cards at lower prices.

“The government will continue to support those who deserve it, and its decision is not to lose any deserving citizen,” Commerce Minister Amar Salem told a news conference.

“Attempts are being made to exclude those who are not eligible for support by the end of the year … There are groups that do not need support, and the ministry has set criteria for groups that are excluded from support,” he said.

In a country with a population of more than 18 million, Salem said the removal of subsidies would help the poor, whose economy has been hit hard by a decade-long war and whose salaries and subsidies make up the bulk of public spending.

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The government has sharply increased the salaries of public sector employees as inflation has risen. According to the World Bank and independent economists, the Syrian economy has shrunk by about 60% since the start of the war.

Price of Euro and Sterling in Syria

Today, on Sunday, the price of the European euro reached 4,008 pounds for buying and 4,070 pounds for sale on the unofficial joint market in Syria.

The pound sterling against the Syrian pound traded up about 4 4,681 against the Syrian pound in the unofficial (black) online market on Sunday, registering 47 4,758.

Rial, dirham and dinar prices in Syria

The Saudi riyal rose to 4 924 against the Syrian pound in the unofficial (black) joint market and went up to 1 941 for sale.

Also in the unofficial Syrian (black) market the price of Emirati Dirham is 94 943 for purchase and 60 960 for sale.

In the parallel (black) market today the Kuwaiti dinar price reached 11 11,502 for buying and, 11,693 for sale.

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