February 7, 2023

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Supercomputer predicts Liverpool's chance of winning the Premier League

Supercomputer predicts Liverpool’s chance of winning the Premier League

According to calculations SupercomputerThe team that wins the championship English Premier League football Is the Premier League City of Manchester And 93 percent knew he qualified for the championship Champions League “Champions League” 100 percent, participation with Liverpool.

As for the chance of success? Liverpool Heroically Premier League According to five thirty-eight data, the supercomputer estimates that it is not more than 7 percent.

The team that finishes third in the Premier League ChelseaChances of qualifying for the championship Champions Up to 99 percent for a supercomputer, the British newspaper, The Sun.

Although Tottenham Hotspur He beat Arsenal by three goals, the difference between them becoming only one point, but Supercomputer expects the Gunners to be fourth with 54 per cent, compared to Tottenham’s advance of 46 per cent. Opportunities mean that Arsenal Qualifying for the Champions League is huge.

As is well known, he left Manchester United West Ham have recently pulled out of the race for the top four, and they now face Tottenham and Arsenal for Europa League and Conference League seats.

And at the bottom of the league ladder, there is another battle in the exit cycle for the first division he won. Everton Advancing to 16th place and now down 6%, the eliminations of Watford and Norwich have been confirmed.

Such as Southampton Burnley has a 1 percent chance of being relegated to first place, compared to 31 percent and Leeds 64 percent.

Seems to have decided Burnley His coach Shane Teach’s dismissal paid off, but he will face tough teams to continue in the Premier League, where he will face Tottenham, Aston Villa and Newcastle. Leeds With Brighton and Brentford.

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