January 29, 2023

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"صاحب سوبر ماركت وبائع مشروبات ساخنة".. فنانون لجأوا لمهن أخرى لمواجهة أعباء الحياة"

“Supermarket owner and hot drink seller” .. Artists seeking fraternal business

12:24 AM

Thursday 10 March 2022

Books – Muhammad Abul-Majd:

Today’s Wednesday MBC aired a program in Egypt entitled “Happening in Egypt?”

Hussein Sharif, the most famous official artist in the history of cinema, said: “My beginning has been in art since the seventies, and I have acted in more than 350 art roles, and my last work was in 2012.” In 2012 he said he quit acting: “I currently live in Matrouh and I’m making a supermarket plan to keep myself busy.”

Al-Sharif added, “Since 2012, no one has asked me for a job, the best directors we have worked with have lost their jobs, and youth cinema has appeared.”

He explained: “I have so far received a pension of 700 700 from the acting industry syndicate, and all the characters were given on screen, but the character of the officer was liked by the audience and related to me:” I have worked with directors in many cinematic and theatrical productions.

In the same context, artist Hussein Abu Hajjaj said: “Art made me money and I was always eager to return to my rubber workshop as soon as I finished filming the works,” he explained: “I would love to work with Ahmed Maki and the director. Ahmed al-Jundi, we have been together for 12 years. We said it worked. ” .

Abu Hajjaj continued, “I turned down all offers made last year and was eager to go to Lebanon to participate in a work of art:” Artist Honey Ramsey was complimented with me on my first appearance.

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In a related context, young artist Kareem al-Husseini, after a shortage of artwork presented to him, revealed the story of selling hot drinks on the road: “I hate the word trend, I longed when I saw it. Reactions to my video,” noting: “My son was surprised after the video of the drinks. Not because of my artwork. “

Al-Husseini explained: “The plan to sell hot drinks on the road will only bring in Arab petrol, and I thanked everyone who appreciated what I did, told them it was hidden, and worked with many others, doctors and engineers. The same plan as mine.”

He confirmed that artist Hanan Mutawa contacted him after the Hot Drinks video: “His call affected me a lot when he was an educator:” I studied dubbing and radio acting at the University of Egypt.

He added, “I won the Best Emerging Actor award in 2009. From the very beginning my mom dreamed I would see an actor.”