March 27, 2023

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عميد الأدب العربي طح حسين

Taha Hussein’s grave demolished in Egypt .. and his granddaughter are attached.

The forerunners of social networking sites in Egypt spread the news about the intention of the authorities involved to remove the tomb of Dean Taha Hussein of Arabic literature.

Users of social networking sites have shared a picture of the tomb of the late writer, with two red markings on either side of its entrance, explaining that in this case some led to the demolition of the tomb.

Amid much speculation, Taha Hussein’s granddaughter Maha Aun revealed the truth of the situation during a telephone interview and media briefing on the “A Final Word” show on the Egyptian “ON E” satellite. Lamis al-Hadidi.

Maha said the family has not yet received any confirmation regarding the removal of his grandfather’s grave: “When we went to the grave, we saw a large red X marked with dotted lines,” noting that the same mark was on his father’s grave.

Maha added: “I hope this does not mean that Taha Hussein’s grave will be removed. This is not an Egyptian character, but rather a mark of historians of Arabic literature and Islamic history.”

Maha concluded: “On the psychological and human side, we fear and worry that we will be asked to replace the remains of our dead.”

The central character

The Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center, affiliated with the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism, recently selected author Taha Hussein as the central figure for the 31st edition of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.

This selection reflects the Centre’s interest in introducing a prestigious literary and intellectual status that can make a significant mark on the level of Arabic literature, thought and culture, and its achievements have remained immortal for more than four decades since its owner left. Taha Hussein founded an enlightenment program in the Arab world in the twentieth century, and his works have been a fundamental platform for pursuing cultural and intellectual endeavors that confirm the status of Arabic literature and language.

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Saeed Hamdan Al Tunaiji, Executive Director of the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center and Director of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, said: 50 years after Taha Hussein’s thought, literature and achievements, he still stands out. What is relevant to us to this day is the evidence that scholars and researchers have drawn up the science of the Arabic language and its original thought. At this center as we celebrate this important person, we present to the new generation a summary of his knowledge and thinking. We open a wide gateway to learn about work and personal life, and the legacy of their true Arab cultural history, and to benefit from the best knowledge and experiences left behind by the teen of Arabic literature.