February 8, 2023

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The death of the best Algerian actor Ahmed Benoitza at the "Cannes Festival"

The death of the best Algerian actor Ahmed Benoitza at the “Cannes Festival”

The film participates Competition Official Critics Week at the 75th Cannes Film Festival from May 17 to 28.

Shock in Cannes

Ben Isa came Cannes Festival The filmmaker passed away on Thursday, leaving behind great grief among colleagues at the cinema job who had been waiting for him.

The director and crew of the film expressed their deep sadness during the first screening of the film at the festival.

Clement said he dedicates this work to a spirit Algerian artist Giving a lot to world cinema, especially to the French, Benoit played a special role in the work.

Many Algerian artists who attended the event expressed their deep regret over Benoit’s departure.

Algerian director Syed Old Khalifa has confirmed that Ahmed Benoit has “excellent artistic status”.

Welt Khalifa told Sky News Arabia at Cannes: “We were shocked by the departure of Ben Isa, a talented artist and friend, just hours before his film was shown in Cannes.”

More than 120 movies

Art makers in Algeria, on the other hand, mourned their late friend with harsh words on their Facebook pages.

Algerian director Bashir Dries said: “Ben Issa was not only an actor, but also a real schoolteacher, and he is remembered in Algeria in theater, cinema and television.”

Ahmed Bejjaw, an Algerian film critic, confirmed that Benoit’s artistic career was highly regarded by filmmakers, especially directors who wanted to work with him.

Bedjaoui told Sky News Arabia: “In addition to his artistic career, he was a mujahideen member of the National Liberation Front against Algeria’s French colonialism.”

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After Algeria’s independence, Benoit participated in many theatrical and cinematic works with several prominent Algerian directors, including Rashid Bouchareb, Mersak Allovach and Ahmed Rusty.

This is not the first time Benoit has participated in a festival, as he has been involved in several co-production missions between Algeria and several European countries since he co-starred in the 2018 film “Coffee Soset” with US director Woody Allen. Opened the 69th session of the Cannes Festival.

Algerian artist Ahmed Benoit was born on March 2, 1944, in the city of Entroma in the Dlimsen Governorate in western Algeria, and his body was transferred to Algeria for burial in his hometown.