February 7, 2023

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The development of the crashed Chinese plane crash is close to understanding the mystery of its crash

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The second black box of the East China Airlines plane that crashed with 132 people on board was discovered Sunday, which will help solve the mystery of its rapid vertical crash.

A China Eastern Airlines flight from Kunming (southwest) to Canton (south) crashed last Monday during its domestic flight “MU 5735”.

The cause of the disaster, which killed 123 people on board and nine of its crew, is not yet known. And everyone inside was Chinese. Last Wednesday, a black box was found on the crashed plane, and it took several days to inspect it.

Each aircraft is fitted with two black boxes that typically record flight data, one that allows investigators to listen to conversations in the cockpit, and the other reads basic information such as speed and altitude.

On Sunday, the New China News Agency cited the Command Center for Relief Operations for finding a second black box on board. This logger contains flight data such as speed and altitude. CCTV, the official Chinese station, aired footage of rescuers retrieving the box, which was found 1.5 meters deep at the level of the roots of a tree, and a metal-orange cylinder.

“On-site investigators have confirmed that the box is a storage unit for flight data recording,” Zhou Tao, director of aviation security at China’s Civil Aviation Authority, told reporters. He added, “Although the rest of the box was destroyed, the data-recording unit appears to be relatively secure … and was sent for analysis to a specialized laboratory to decode it.”

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