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The email is said to have come from Nintendo’s Lost Game Boy extension


Photo presentation like never before featuring a canceled pageboy.

Game Boy Color was released in 1998, A few years before the oldest and biggest smartphones appeared on the market. At the time, the Internet was still new, and the idea of ​​carrying a single device to email people, search the Internet, send photos and stream live video was far from over. But if canceled Colo Boy GameIf the PageBoy widget has ever seen the light of day, you could have done it all with just one add-on along with Mario.

Page Boy is a video game invented by historian, researcher and journalist Liam Robertson. In a video released today, Roberton revealed the full details and pictures for the first-ever proposed device.

This strange device is designed to allow wireless transmission technology Color guy game Owners watch international news, gaming magazines, weather reports, game scores and, more ambitiously, live TV. This technology will allow users to send calls and messages to other PagePay owners. At that time this wireless transmission technology was widely used by pagers, hence the name Pageboy.

Robertston talked to people who worked with Nintendo on Project Pageboy about the device, where it came from, and finally killed it before it even came to light. According to participants, after the meeting with Nintendo of America in 1999, the company became excited about PagePoy’s capabilities, and over the next three years Nintendo worked with Wizard, a team formed to manage the plugin. Can really create and if it is profitable.

Pageboy Mokab showing how to integrate it into the Gameboy console.

Although Nintendo wanted many of Page’s features, including Nintendo’s ability to send photos using the GameBoy’s camera and send live video to PageBoy owners via wireless transmission technology, it got into big trouble. The device relied on radio networks, which were only available in selected parts of the world, such as the United States, which severely limited the device’s customer base. According to Robertson, The Key to Game Boy Success He was told that Nintendo believes in the global nature of hardware by allowing users around the world to play the same games with the same features.

Therefore, due to this, Nintendo canceled the plan in July 2002. However, as Robertston points out, many of the ideas the magician proposed for Pageboy will eventually come true in the years to come. The idea of ​​using live video to promote the game to its fan base is Nintendo Direct, and the idea of ​​sending beautiful messages and photos to people will be a feature on Wii U and 3DS consoles. In a way, PageBoy was ahead of its time, meaning it had never seen daylight.

Last year, Liam Robertson highlighted a similar add-on, dThis is the work boy, explained in detail in a video This piece of material is missing.

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