March 24, 2023

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البروفيسور البوزيدي: شراسة "أوميكرون" ستتراجع بعد الانتشار الواسع

The frenzy of “Omicron” will decrease after a wide spread

Day by day, the new strain Omicron imposes its laws and conditions on the world. Others canceled all public meetings and gatherings for fear that the new mutant would infiltrate it and force it to return to zero or crush the remnants of an already exhausted economic system.

Although virologists have accumulated detailed information about the corona virus, the new mutant Omicron is still in its infancy and there is not enough data on it and its risk; What compels these experts to deal with it very carefully.

For further clarification on the Omigron mutation, the cause of its origin, and the extent of its danger, Hezpress interviewed Abd al-Salam al-Idrisi al-Bouzidi, a Moroccan professor living in the United States; He is an expert in developmental neuroscience and professor of biology at New York City University in the United States, and I had the following interview with him:

First of all, how do you know the Omigron mutant? What makes it different from other previous mutants?

The new mutant, Omigron, appeared to some students at a college in South Africa last November 24; When they did a corona test, they discovered that they had a new mutation in the growing corona virus, which was not what we had known before. For more news, he is the same mutant who appeared a week ago in Botswana. From the beginning, this new mutant was found to be unknown, so the World Health Organization classified it as a new mutant; But what we need to know is that Omigran differs by having more than fifty mutations, some of which are British P1.1.7 “alpha”, South African p.1351 “beta”, Brazilian p. “Gamma”, and Indian P.1.617. 2 “Delta”. It provides a kind of immune escape, so it can be assumed that Omicron integrates all the previous mutants.

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How does the mutant appear? Why did Omigron appear?

If the virus invades a person’s body frequently, you know that his or her immune system eliminates it within a couple of weeks or less; However, the situation is different when it comes to people with weakened immune systems, especially those suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer or those who have undergone immunity-related diseases such as AIDS or undergoing organ transplant surgery. For several months the virus, during that period, multiplies, creating new mutations, infecting other cells, transforming it into a new mutant, and after spreading to another person, it actually acquires its character. “New Mutant” .. Here, its journey begins to spread from one to another; Therefore, patients with a weakened immune system should be medically carefully monitored, given additional doses of the vaccine and protected so that they can strengthen the immune system so that this type of protection is safe for all.

What makes him a troublemaker?

Naturally, questions arise as to the severity of this new mutation. But we can speculate or elaborate on some of the information available based on the mutations in Omigran. Potentially the largest number of people, but their rage decreases because when someone is infected with the virus; When the symptoms or effect are minimal he is isolated in his home, or is forced to seek hospital treatment, or, God forbid, death, and this is not based on the benefits of the virus. We conclude from the study of existing viruses that this is an advantage of the growth it has received. .

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But will these mutations in omigran, without the effectiveness of current vaccines, help achieve immune survival?

Based on what is known about previous mutations, the vaccine helps the human immune system to produce a lot of antibiotics to fight the virus, and even the unvaccinated person produces antibiotics; However, it does not give him strong immunity and decreases over time. Mutations detected in the new mutant, showing partial, but incomplete, immune survival; People who have been vaccinated or who have been infected with corona in the past may resist the new mutation and enjoy some form of protection, but as I said they are immune to “D-cells” that are cells of the immune system, and it is difficult for the virus to cross the immune system and reach total immunity to these cells. Will be.

To me, the expectation of this mutant is that in those who are not vaccinated it will somehow escape immunity; But those vaccinated with high rates of T-cells will help them cope with this new mutation, and this result is based on the study of mutations in the virus based on extrapolation. Therefore, it is very widespread; But a little frenzy and partial immune escape, so a third dose will improve the immune system’s response and often protect its owners from new mutations.

In your opinion, will the survival of poor countries without vaccination and complete vaccination by rich countries contribute to the emergence of new mutations?

Epidemic is a global problem; The “alpha” strain is British, the “beta” is South Africa, the gamma is Brazil, and the delta is Indian, so we cannot expect a new strain to appear. Another; Because new mutations can appear anywhere in the world .. When they do appear, the speed of their spread will be high, so other countries will inevitably be affected. Everyone knows that the world has become a small village, which helped the virus to spread very quickly; However, we must not forget that rich countries produce vaccines or buy them in large quantities and vaccinate their citizens, while at the same time there are poor countries that do not fully vaccinate their citizens, which threatens the emergence of new mutations. The only way to defeat the virus is to work collectively, which is a test for all of humanity. In addition, on an individual level, everyone has a personal responsibility.Health prevention should not be tolerated, social gaps should be observed, care should be taken in the face, permanent hygiene should be maintained and all health practices should be respected. In effect .. I know everyone is tired of the virus; But the virus is not yet exhausted, and it is likely to learn new mutations and mutations in the future, although over time, as we learn about viruses, their virulence will decrease and we may live with it and become corona virus. Will turn into a virus like a cold virus.

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