June 6, 2023

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The German Film Academy.. was blown away by the reviews

Yesterday, the Association of Independent Cinemas described the German Film Academy as “losing direction”, just days before the German Film Awards are announced.

The association “AG Kino” criticized the multiple nominations of “All Quiet on the Western Front” (All Quiet on the Western Front) to the network “Netflix” for the film and drama production, while Christian Petzold’s new film “Rotter Himmel” was not nominated. » (red sky) .

The association said in its accusation: “Although both (Berlin) and (Cannes) film festivals have repeatedly demonstrated their position and clear commitment to cinema and independent filmmakers, the German Film Academy lacks a clear compass when it comes to presenting the most prestigious German award. Culture Award.”

In All Quiet on the Western Front, the association representing art cinemas, the German Film Academy nominated a film that had only been in theaters for four weeks, undermining German cinema and its aim to preserve the diversity of cinema as a cultural platform.

The Society of Artistic Cinemas found the rejection of Petzold’s film at the pre-selection stage “completely incomprehensible”, saying the repairs were “overdue”.

The German Film Awards will be presented at a ceremony in Berlin the day after tomorrow.

The total financial value of the gifts is about three million euros ($3.3 million) from the office of the State Minister of Culture.

About 2,200 members of the Film Academy ultimately decide who will receive the prizes.

Edward Berger’s anti-war film All Quiet on the Western Front received 12 nominations. The film has already won four Oscars.

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