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The historic pub is the new deal Johnny Depp wants to buy

Lamis Mohammed

Wednesday, April 12, 2023 at 05:00 AM

The world actor has settled down Johnny Depp He is starting a new life in the English countryside and is rumored to be looking to buy a country inn, where he is said to perform. Pirates of the Caribbean He lives in a 19th-century mansion in Somerset set within an 850-acre estate, but rumors have started to circulate that he is looking to buy a historic pub in the area.

The place in question is a pub called for sale Checkers InnAccording to the site, the purchase price will be 965,500 pounds sterling the sunThe actor is believed to have been tipped off about the sale by his friend and painter Ralph Stedman, who continued to Checkers InnHe added: “Deep loves the pub and has had it for years. Johnny loves history and has spoken before of his desire to buy a pub. It’s in the heart of the English countryside and it’s directly down his street. .”

Depp spoke about her new home in Britain earlier this month, explaining how she appreciates England’s laid-back atmosphere because it suits her “shy” personality, Depp said. Somerset Life“I like going places, seeing things and meeting people, but I’m not the big extrovert that people think I am.”

Depp continued, “Actually, I’m quite shy and that’s one of the great things about Britain, especially Somerset, where I can be myself, which is great. I can go to the shops without being surrounded by people. I don’t mind selfies.” To some extent, but sometimes it’s too crowded.”

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