March 21, 2023

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The Kremlin identifies the cause of high gas prices in Europe


File photo – Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov

Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov spoke about the reasons why gas prices have risen to historic levels in Europe, where prices have broken four times today.

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Gas prices in Europe are rising by $ 300 an hour

Peskov said the rise in gas prices in Europe was due to a number of factors, including economic recovery, climate change and the growth of energy consumption in the face of declining gas reserves.

He also pointed out that the decline in wind power generation was another factor contributing to the rise in gas prices in Europe.

Peskov denied the allegations against Russia, adding: “We insist that Russia has no role in what is happening in the gas market in Europe. Russia is fulfilling all its obligations with existing agreements (with Europe).

He added, “The causes of the crisis are in a series of simultaneous factors, but it is not linked to Russia. Only non-experts who do not understand the essence of what is happening can somehow refer to Russia in this context.”

Commenting on the European Commission’s statement, the Russian official said the EU was constantly moving towards alternative energy sources, adding that “at least as demonstrated, a more thoughtful and comprehensive approach is needed. The Russian leadership.”

He pointed out that the Russian president held a government meeting yesterday to discuss climate change and another meeting today to discuss energy development.

He said: “Everything is very simple. You are betting on the development of wind energy. You are building the appropriate infrastructure. But there are various climatic processes such as wind stops, which happened objectively in Europe this year.”

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He added, “Europe must fill the gap created by other sources because consumption cannot be reduced.”

Gas prices in Europe rose sharply during trading on Wednesday, hitting an all-time high of about $ 300 an hour.

According to trade, the price of gas in Europe rose to $ 1937 per thousand cubic meters, and today the price of blue fuel has recorded 4 historic levels.

Source: TASS