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The largest and most mysterious explosion ever discovered in deep space has amazed scientists


Astronomers can detect powerful explosions from deeper and deeper universes.

Sometimes the source of these explosions remains a mystery.

Scientists recently witnessed a giant eruption 130 million light-years from Earth. Previously, hmm Discover a major conflict From the fusion of the two neutron stars known here – the collapsed stars may be the densest objects in the universe. But this dramatic event, which generated a powerful energy, began to fade. About three and a half years later, something else, Something newOr create another strange explosion or release of energy.

Edo Berger, a professor of astronomy at Harvard University and one of the scientists who discovered this new cosmic phenomenon, told Mashable that “something else is happening now.”

The energy explosion, captured by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Laboratory (which detects emissions from the hottest places in the universe) was intense. Astronomers compare him Loud voice Developed when a fast moving aircraft breaks the sound barrier.

At New research published in Letters from the Journal of AstronomyAstronomer Abrajita Hazela, who led the research, explained that astronomers are proposing two possible scenarios that could explain this phenomenon, both of which have not been observed before. Hazela holds a PhD in Physics and Astronomy from Northwestern University.

  1. Kilonova Glow: What? In this land-breaking interpretation, when two neutron stars (one teaspoon of neutron star to one billion tons of matter) collide, they emit a very bright eruption, called a kilonova. A Kilonova could be very important to the universe and to our lives: astronomers believe that vital elements and minerals formed in these eruptions, such as gold and platinum. “It is one of the proposed dominant sites for the heavier elements of the universe,” he explained Hakela.

    But after this massive eruption of Kilonova, astronomers suggested that the debris would leak into space, creating a shock wave or explosion. The explosion heated up anything like gases or star dust around it. This is the Kilonova glow or back glow, which we can detect millions of light years away.

  2. Black hole: Another possibility is that the dramatic coupling of a neutron star led to the formation of a black hole – “an object with such a strong gravitational force that nothing, not even light, can escape”. NASA explains Now the object of the conflict falls into the black hole. When the debris falls, it releases more energy as it orbits a powerful dark object. It may be the source of this newly discovered energy from afar.

Artist rendering of the collision of two neutron stars.
Image Credit: National Science Foundation / LIGO / Sonoma State University / A. Simonnet

Artist’s visualization of hot gas and debris removed from neutrons before they collide.
Image Credit: NASA Goddard Space Aviation Center / CI Laboratory

It is not surprising that two neutron stars collide in space. In fact, it is common for stars to orbit close to other stars in the same solar system. Many stars are not as lonely as the sun. “Most stars are actually found in systems with one or more companions,” Hegel explained. Eventually, the stars run out of fuel and fall off. Then, dense neutron stars may lose speed and collide, resulting in power connections and explosions.

Now, it is questionable how astronomers will be able to detect a kilonova glow or fall into a black hole. They will constantly see the type or radiation of light coming from this deep place. The evidence will be revealed. (If the glow is later, they expect higher radio emissions; but black holes emit X-ray emissions.)

Who knows what the following observations will reveal about events taking place in the deep universe?

“This is not the end of the story,” Berger said.

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