June 29, 2022

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The "Omicron" mutant did not put pressure on the country's health system

The “Omicron” mutant did not put pressure on the country’s health system

Sami Abdel Raouf (Dubai)
Hussein al-Rand, Under Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Social Security for Public Health, confirmed that the United Arab Emirates has successfully overcome the “Govt-19” epidemic and has been exceptionally successful in dealing with the epidemic. The best countries in the world in this regard.

“We have taken the necessary precautionary and preventive measures in line with international requirements and standards in all stages of the epidemic,” he said in a press release on the sidelines of the 12th Emirates Otolaryngology Conference in Dubai.

The “Omicron” mutation did not put pressure on the health system in the country, and despite the recent increase in cases, he emphasized that the health sector has large and unique components, as most infections are simple or moderate. Excellent ability to provide necessary health services, even if affected by Govt-19 or other diseases.

He pointed out that the “Omigran” mutant is characterized by its rapid spread, but at the same time its complications are related to the upper respiratory system, especially the larynx, and its effect on the lower respiratory system (lungs) is very small. , Which reduces its risk and negative health effects.

He emphasized that those who were not vaccinated were more likely to be infected with the growing “corona” virus than those who were not.

He noted that in many places experimental cases are actually on the rise, stressing that this could lead to positive results, especially with early detection and handling of infection cases, as well as interactions, which all reduce the complications of the disease. , Increase the chances of dealing with it effectively and reduce its risk.
Al-Rand warned that until the fourth day, some of the victims showed no signs of omigran.

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Assistant Secretary of State for Health and Social Welfare for Public Health said: “According to global reports, we are at the end of the ‘Govit-19’ epidemic, and most experts believe that by 2022 it will be very close. Until the end of the epidemic.”

Al-Rand considered the “Omigran” mutant to be “globally” dominant in the future, as most infections with this mutant will occur, and the gene that causes the infection with the “corona” virus is currently being studied. Find out what kind of diseases the people in the country are suffering from and most of them are common.