February 7, 2023

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The "patriot" arrived in Slovakia in preparation for the transfer of the "S-300" to Ukraine.

The “patriot” arrived in Slovakia in preparation for the transfer of the “S-300” to Ukraine.

A Pentagon official said: “Slovakia has won the first batch Patriotic organizationIn preparation for the organization’s Bratislava exchange S-300 To Kiev.

He added, “We are in ongoing talks with Ankara (…)S-400) And sends it to Kiev in exchange for Turkey’s return to the project (F-35) And the removal of the corresponding penalties.

Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nat announced that a patriotic air defense organization from other NATO countries had begun arriving in the country and that its deployment would continue in the coming days..

The organization, which will be operated by German and Dutch forces, will initially help strengthen security in the eastern part of the Sliach air base in central Slovakia. To the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Provoked the Russian military campaign in Ukraine NATOTo strengthen his security.

The “Patriots” organization will be part of a new NATO war group in the Middle East SlovakiaNear Ukraine.

A club on Facebook said: “I am pleased to confirm that the first units responsible for maintaining the patriotic air defense system are gradually coming to Slovakia.“.

According to Reuters, the patriotic system will complement the S-300 system, which has been operated by Slovakia since Soviet times, and will not replace it, he said..

Nad added, “The system will be temporarily suspended at Sliak Airport, and other locations are being sought for its deployment of (this) security umbrella to cover much of Slovakia’s territory.”“.

Last week, the Slovak minister said his country was ready to deliver the S-300 system to the country Ukraine When you get a replacement.

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He reiterated on Sunday that Slovakia was “looking for an alternative to the (S-300) system because it was outdated and had weak capabilities and was dependent on Russia.”.

She warned on the other hand Russia It also warned that since providing Ukraine with modern air defense systems, it could target Western arms supplies..