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The pixel clock quickly calmed the rumor room


Many half-hearted jokes came after Google announced the Pixel Watch on I / O last week, and rumors about a watch like this often lingered for years. We laughed a little when it was official because we didn’t know if it was really official. By the way, this is official.

After the jokes, the excitement at the release could not go unnoticed. Google has finally done just that – they were ready to give us the Pixel Watch, the Wear OS clock that we considered eco-friendly from the beginning. The design is at the point. Google Fitbit integrates health monitoring app. It looks like the right size. It runs on some newer versions of the Wear OS, with significant improvements. Even if we do not know small details like specifications or prices, everything is lined up outside the gate.

Just before the weekend came, the first rumor about this True The pixel watch seemed to kill all emotions. The crew inside 9to5Google I heard from sources suggesting that the 2022 Pixel Watch will run Samsung’s 2018 chipset. What is Anna? No.

According to the report, Google is using the Exynos 9110 processor, which is Samsung’s first used dual-core chipset. The Galaxy Watch debuted in 2018. The chip was enough in the Samsung world that it found its way One year later Galaxy Watch Active 2 Then Another year later Galaxy Watch 3.

The Exynos 9110 was more than just an efficient chip, it sure is. It is a 10nm chip that drives the Tizen and offers one of the best smartwatch experiences on the market. As for the Galaxy Watch 3, mostly due to the Samsung RAM pump, I noticed in my review that the watch worked well and handled all the tasks I threw smoothly. So what’s the problem?

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This is part of 2018, dude. The biggest problem in the Wear OS world over the last six years is that all devices are running outdated technology from Qualcomm and can not keep up with the times, competitors and technological advances. We thought we were finally moving away from that story with the introduction of Samsung’s W920 chip in the Galaxy Watch 4 line last year, however, here we go.

Google is said to be using the chip because the Pixel Watch has been in operation for some time and is likely to back down as it tries to become newer. Nor does Samsung want to let anyone else use the 5nm W920 yet. It is clear that Google is no longer a fan of Qualcomm’s hardware chips, and the 12nm Wear 4100+ is out of the question.

Hopefully, at least for now, Google has spent a lot of time (Like Many years) Find ways to get everything and then exit this slide. Since I do not remember seeing the Wear OS clock running on the 9110, we will all be surprised. Google excels at upgrading its hardware with never-before-seen chips (Think Pixel 5 … pixel 6 too), so let’s look at it again on the pixel watch.

However, I am concerned about the overall performance. Google has already announced that Wear OS 3 is undergoing major changes and has issued warnings that even older watches with Qualcomm’s Wear 4100 and 4100+ chips may be running. Google has explained that devices running on this chip will be upgraded from Wear OS 2 to Wear OS 3 This can affect the experience. The Exynos 9110 is technically a more efficient chip than that.

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My other concern is, at least in terms of perception or pixel watch story, it doesn’t matter how good Google is if they use the Exynos 9110. Using Google’s 4 year old chipset is a kind of item. Writing its own titles is not a good idea. We already saw that and 5 months after the introduction of the Pixel Watch.

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