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The Real Benefits of Being a VIP in the Online Casino Scene


Becoming a VIP can be a long process that requires a lot of effort. But we’ve all heard of the amazing benefits that these players have, so it’s no wonder so many people want to get into this exclusive club. Are the stories true? Do VIPs really have such an elite gaming experience?

Join us as we uncover VIP secrets and discover what it’s like to receive royal treatment every time you log in to play!

Personalised Support

Having a personal manager has become the staple of being a VIP player. Instead of waiting to connect to an agent, writing emails, and calling to resolve potential issues, VIP players can simply talk to their account manager for anything they want.

It’s the manager’s job to make sure the player is satisfied with everything and that their needs are met. This includes day-to-day activities, not just technical issues!

Better Terms for Playing

VIPs often play with special terms that regular players can only dream of.

  • Higher withdrawal limits: High rollers can usually withdraw more per transaction, week, or month, depending on the casino. In some cases, they may not have any withdrawal limits at all.
  • Higher betting limits: Since VIPs tend to make bigger bets, the casino accommodates them by raising the stakes. There are usually special tables with high betting limits that high rollers can enjoy in the company of like-minded people.
  • Lower wagering: On top of the other two benefits, VIP players tend to have lower wagering requirements. So, they don’t need to bet as much to turn bonus winnings into real money. 

All of these benefits combined mean that high rollers have more freedom to experiment with strategies and that they get to keep a larger part of their winnings.

Bonuses Galore

This might just be the best VIP benefit there is. Everyone loves a good bonus, and these players tend to get them more often. On top of that, these offers are typically better than regular ones. Aside from more lax Terms, the match offers are higher and there are more free spins included, for example.

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One trend in the casino world recently has been to reward players with personalised bonuses. In a lot of places, this practice is still reserved only for the top players, though. The casino pays attention to what the VIP player likes the most and then gives them offers based on their playing preferences. So aside from getting better bonuses more often, high rollers also get the most useful bonus possible each time.

Game Access

Most casinos have special VIP tables reserved just for high rollers. These tables come with higher limits and special features, like being able to occupy multiple seats at once. They’re perfect for VIPs as they let them play at their skill and financial level, plus give them an opportunity to game with like-minded people.

As well as that, some casinos will give their most valued players a chance to play new games before anyone else. This makes the VIP status even more exclusive and appealing.

Event Invites

Just because the casino is online doesn’t mean that the fun stays on the screen 100% of the time. Big casinos tend to hold events and parties for their VIP club, where members can socialise and indulge in a night of luxury.

Some casinos also treat their players to tickets to the most sought-after upcoming events like sports games and concerts. This is, of course, another opportunity to socialise but also a great way to show how much you value someone’s business.

Gifts Throughout the Year

There are casinos that go the extra mile for their VIPs by sending them physical gifts throughout the year. That’s because some loyalty programs are structured in a way that you lose your VIP status if you’ve been inactive for a while. So to keep people playing at the highest levels, casinos send out luxury gifts like tech gadgets once or twice a year.

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Another common practice is to send VIPs birthday gifts. All the player has to do is agree to this benefit and provide an address!

How to Find a Club?

If you’re already a high roller or want to become one, you need to know how to find the best VIP clubs online. Thankfully, there are several techniques to do so.

Only go for VIP Casinos

There’s no sense in registering at casinos that don’t pay much attention to VIP statuses. Premium brands should be your priority, as they will help you achieve your VIP goals. Finding such casinos can be tricky, though, as they don’t often openly advertise their clubs. After all, exclusivity is part of the charm.

But, there are sites like Master of Casinos VIP that review the best brands for you. You’ll have plenty of sites to choose from and will know what bonuses and perks you can expect before you even register. This will save you a ton of time on research and ensure you’re only playing at the best casinos.

Ask Other Players

Being an active part of the gaming community can bring you valuable insights on where the best VIP clubs are hiding. You can try to find player reviews online or join community groups and channels on social media.

There are others with more experience than you, so take every opportunity you can to learn from them. Not only will this make it easier for you to find exclusive clubs, but it can also help you establish valuable relationships and give you new friends to play with.

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Talk to Customer Support

If you’re already a member of a good casino and know they have a VIP program, your best bet is to talk to customer support about joining. Let them know that you’re seriously interested in becoming a VIP and ask them for some guidance and support.

You might find out the requirements more easily than you realise and thus achieve your goal more quickly.

Join Tiered Loyalty Programs

The most common mistake people make is that they don’t join enough tiered loyalty programs that are open to everyone. While a luxury experience is the ultimate goal, it doesn’t mean you should chase programs that only let players in with invites. 

Joining a program open to everyone and climbing your way up is the easiest way to become an exclusive VIP member. This is because the last two or three tiers in these schemes are reserved for the best of the best. So, the path in front of you will be clear from day one and you’ll be on your way to receiving amazing benefits from day one.


As you can see, the life of a VIP is filled with luxury and fantastic perks that make every casino visit unforgettable. From better playing conditions to larger bonuses, there’s a lot to look forward to. The road to becoming a VIP player may be long and hard, but as you can see, it’s definitely worth it. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to finding the best VIP clubs and living life as an elite. 

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