March 28, 2023

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The real singer |  Who is the fiance of festival artist Umar Kamal 'Shima Maghreb'?

The real singer | Who is the fiance of festival artist Umar Kamal ‘Shima Maghreb’?

Especially in the midst of the controversy that spread on social media shortly before the announcement of the festival host Umar Kamal His engagement to the young singer “Shaimah Maghreb”, his fiance’s personality and ideas and questions about who he is.

She is a singer Shaimaa al-Maghribi, A nineteen-year-old Egyptian singer and artist, born in Governorate Alexandria In 2001, he was distinguished from his peers of the same generation by his pure Tara voice, who was one of the most famous New Egyptian talents, and he had the most amazing voice and singing ability, and he could excel. Umar Kamal at the best stages in terms of technology and voice.

This resurgent Egyptian artist, after his first participation in the Egyptian creative endeavor, achieved great success through a private Egyptian newspaper, which aims to showcase Egyptian talents in many fields, including song, drawing, writing and music. After he sent the video of the best singer Asala singing the song.

Shyma participated in the fourth edition of the famous talent show The Voice, and in the field of sound she sang the Moroccan artist Naima Sami’s song “Zedek Lake”, which stunned four coaches, and Shyma sang many Tara songs. Like “Al Jani Two Days Later” by Samira Said.

Shaimaa performed a number of popular songs for Egyptian and Arabian singers using the “cover” style, including star Yusra Mahnoosh’s “Think of You” and star Asala’s “Habitat Habitat”.

Singer Shaimah Maghribi, director and photographer Ahmed Hassan Kukka

Shyma Maghreb released several solo songs after leaving The Voice project, and the first song she put on the path to professional singing was a song titled “What They Told You About Me”, and the first collaboration between Shyma was You. And electronic platform Fatrina, and he presented a song titled “I Am”. “Destroy Your Past” and has over 7 million views on the popular YouTube video site.

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The artist’s last work, Shaimah Maghrebi, is a song in the style of festival songs, entitled “Finak Ya Raha”, which she performed on stage a week ago, and the song received about half a million views. Within a week of its release.

Not long ago, the news of the engagement of artist Shaima Maghrib and festival artist Umar Kamal spread, and the news came as a big surprise to their followers and fans on social media, some did not believe the news. , And some of them are false.

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