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The screen knowledge and battlefield of Street Fighter 6 are revealed in the new screenshots


Distance Lots of information last week about Street Fighter 6Fans wondered how long they would have to wait to see more of the game, and it would not be long.

Capcom has now released the new parts from the Street Fighter 6 charging screen to the front of the charging screen and the pre-fight preview between Ryu and Luke.

We are so proud to have received World Warriors’ new opening with the feel of opening a graffiti-covered garage or mooring door, you can see the Warriors coming on the same stage with Luke and Jamie introduced in the trailer.

He needs to rest Any speculation that Street Fighter 6 is a 2v2 fighting game As many believe from their initial impression, there are still new sections to the film.

During the pre-war debut, Cam shows likes and dislikes for Ryu and Luke from their official character profiles, then goes to VS Big Bang which appears briefly in the trailer.

The VS screen is very similar to Soul Caliper, with the faces of the two characters stealing from each other, and the stage is called Metro City Downtown.

The VS screen will appear if players use Classic or Modern type control and benefit stars, although we do not know what that means.

It may be the SF6 version of traditional disabled systems, but it’s weird putting it in front of you for everyone to see.

As Street Fighter 6 is still being developed, the features of the intro screen and VS screen have a good chance of becoming the final release, but Capcom wants to show its characters as if they were going to wear a show among the game’s audience. And those looking around the screen.

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You can see the new section below.

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