June 7, 2023

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The Secret of “Tato” Puzzles by Tina L-Sherpini (Video) | News

The artist, Tina L-Sherbini, revealed the secret of the “tattoo” names and mysteries written in her hand.

Tina El-Sherbini said in an interview with Asma Ibrahim on Al-Qahira Wal-Nass channel “My Secret”: “Laila tattooed her uncle’s name and tattooed 3/4 of Papa’s birthday. I have a third tattoo, Al-Hayat. , I never changed that. “

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He said personal issues would not affect his work as an artist and that he believes Fawazir should do it, in support of stars Tonia Samir Ghanem, Nellie Kareem and Yasmin Rice: “I work for Fawazir, Tonia Sameer. She’s beautiful, they’re all sweet to Fawazir. “

Dina L-Sherbini confirmed that working with star Ahmed Makki is very special: “Working with Ahmed Makki is a masterpiece.

Dina El-Sherbini is currently showing the “Al-Mashwar” series as part of the 2022 Ramadan series, starring Mohammed Ramadan, Baomi Fouad, Ahmed Magdi, Ahmed Safwat, Ahmed Kamal, Mahmoud El-Laithi, Nada Moussa, and Mohammad Abdo. Written by Carolyn Khalil, Tara Jebel, Hanan Yousuf, Sarah Abdel Rahman, Mohsen Mansour and Sama Ibrahim, directed by Mohammad Yassin.

The events of the “Al Mishwar” series take place in a suspenseful, action-packed and thrilling setting in which Muhammad Ramadan plays the role of Maher, who falls in love with Wardha and marries her. Mohammed Ramadan gets into trouble for being involved in it. Archaeological world, but he escapes and is chased by police led by Ahmed Magdi.

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