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The sessions of the Digital Arts Conference in the Kingdom have been going on for three decades


Digital art conference sessions continued Kingdom of Saudi Arabia On its second day you will arrange Visual Arts Authority In conjunction with Sotheby’s at headquarters Diriyah Biennale The Jax neighborhood in Riyadh was the first such conference in the field, hosted by a group of artists and art collectors from across the Kingdom and the Middle East.

Details of the second day sessions

The second day of the session was dedicated to talking about the environment in digital artwork (NFT), where digital multimedia artist Ann Spelder, at the beginning of her speech, expressed her delight at her presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: being in the wonderful city of Riyadh and finding the present (NF) Surprisingly, I was proud to visit Diriyah Biennial, which has many unique creative and artistic touches. Social media sites, including Twitter, have become a unique way to enter the industry, with different ages.

A forum for buying and selling digital artwork

He added, (NFT) The world is a unique arena for receiving or selling digital artwork at any time, regardless of time and geographical location, and we see here that the digital artwork market is diverse and growing. In this new world of traditional art world where the artist has to attend galleries or art museums to buy or sell his works, it only takes a few seconds to get the art object that a person wants.

NFT Market

Many joined the (NFT) market, no one encouraged them, but rather found this world for themselves and found what they wanted in it, insisting that they prefer this world to the traditional art field. It is very difficult for the average artist to profit from it by selling or displaying his paintings, or by participating in museums and galleries, or by participating in exhibitions.

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Many Ways to Buy NFT

For his part, Sebastian Fahey, Sotheby’s Managing Director in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said there are many ways to buy through the artist (NFT), some of whom have their own websites on the Internet. , (NFT) indicates that one of the most important features of the market is the absence of intermediaries, so that the artist can easily sell his work and amateurs can easily buy it through the site and the corresponding authorized sites.

Sebastian pointed out that there are many NFT collectors who have their work on accredited sites and platforms or laptops, and that there are many digital galleries that keep artists’ works open and that we will never forget having a class. Those who work in this field. A man who enjoys keeping his works at home, collecting them and showing them on television screens, I saw samples of these works when I visited Los Angeles, USA.

Teaching the public and collectors of digital art tokens

Michael Bohana, co – chairman of Sothey’s Digital Art Sales, emphasized that educating the public and digital art collectors was one of the company’s main tasks, emphasizing that the owners of these digital works of art are elements in the digital world. In general, and should contribute to the introduction of new ideas, but sometimes he mentions guidance, (NFT) The influence of the world has become large and has become an investment for artists, pointing to the sale of paintings. For more than $ 3 million, that is, there is a growing interest in entering the industry, and the artist can advertise his work in an effective and innovative digital way because it is a privilege for the digital arts. Some of the negatives in it, including the inability to save the artist’s works in the event of theft or theft.

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(NFT) Future

The conference sessions will conclude in the presence of artists and digital art collectors, with expectations about the future of the world and the impact of digital currencies on the world and Saudi Arabia (NFT).

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