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The shocking details of Vale Kufori’s accident … he escaped death


Lebanese MP, Hadi Hobish, a close friend of the artist, Vail Kufori, revealed details of the latter’s latest health improvements and a horrific traffic accident, after which the artist was taken to hospital.

In an interview with the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Roy, Hadi Hobish “was traveling at about 100km / h on the Welfory Highway when his car collided with an oncoming car (outside the seat), causing his girlfriend Shana not to wear a seat belt. Unlike Abbott, their condition is stable and their injuries do not exceed injuries, Vail pointed out that the collider was a Syrian man, but they escaped and they knew his nationality from his car plate.

The Lebanese MP confirmed that the artist “miraculously survived, and that St. Rafka saved him from death”, while his cousin and business manager Eddie Ghanem was the first to arrive at the scene and was hospitalized. After seeing Vail who was in this position was shocked.

Commenting on the details of the tragic accident, Hadi Hobish said: “Vail Jebel was on the highway when he was returning from a visit to St. Rafka when a car from the intersection on the right drove into Syria and struck him, causing the catastrophic accident. The known car, overturned several times, not once, he miraculously survived, and any such accident would usually lead to death, but he was returning from a visit to St. Rafka, where he defended and stood behind his survival.

Regarding Vale’s injury and condition, Hobish explained to the Lebanese artist that “there are only injuries and no one believes it is possible to survive in a similar accident.”

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He added: On Friday, Vail was so shocked that he did not realize what had happened to him and when I met him, he told me he did not know how he got to the hospital. The accident happened at nine o’clock at night, I was with him at 11 o’clock at night, he was conscious, everything was there. “Naturally, but he was shocked by the severity of the accident.”

Hebeish pointed out that Habiba Vail was with the person in the car at the time of the accident, and that he suffered similar injuries.

In a question: “Why didn’t his manager Eddie Gonem answer calls to check on him?” Hobish replied: “Eddie was with him in the hospital because he was in great shock because of the accident, and he was the first person to reach him, so what happened was he saw him in a horrible scene. Belt, so he flew out of the car because of the intensity of the impact, but both were amazing Survivors.


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