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The story of the Elton Ring game unfolds through interaction with important virtual characters


After software software’s storytelling has changed twice in its latest game, Zero: Shadows Die, some people think that the studio will rely on this new style, which has made its game gain more audience and newcomers, but it seems that there will not be a storytelling style of Souls games in its upcoming title, Elton Ring.

Although the story of the Elton Ring game expands further and offers an open game world, as I mentioned the story style has not changed as the developers have revealed that they will explore the game world and its inner story themselves. Many have to talk to virtual “non-playable” characters, the task is in the game and instead of reading the information and details that are with some of the materials and tools that were in the Souls game

As explained during a question-and-answer session by PromSoftware, the game world was discovered by two elements, such as Dark Souls titles and Bloodburn, with some characters telling you what’s going on in the game world at first, and a second point when you pick up some items and pieces while you explore the game or beat one of the bosses. You know what’s going on in the background and the idea of ​​the world.

The development team pointed out that this is not the case with the Elton Ring game, as there are a large number of important virtual characters in the Elton Ring that will help you better understand the game world and its story.

The developer stressed that this is a great way to learn the story of the game, the world history and what is going on behind the Elton Ring a little easier than it was in the Souls games and to interact with these important virtual characters. To learn more about this character, you do not need to find all the items Read its details as before.

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The developers hope that this dialogue will help create a unique and dramatic picture of the world they describe. Yasuhiro Kitto of FramSoftware also said that the Elton Ring will feature a multi-hero play, and revealed that Kidaw director Hideka Miyazaki also wrote the scripts and game dialogues you see in the Elton Ring based on the legends shared by the author and celebrity writer. Writer George R. R. Martin.

In an interview with IGN earlier this year, Miyazaki explained how Martin helped create the world and promote central characters and drama. Martin said it His contribution to the Elton Ring was made many years ago.

The Elton Ring Game will be officially released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC on January 21, 2022.

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