March 27, 2023

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The title of the best restaurant in the world was awarded to a French chef in New York

The title of the best restaurant in the world was awarded to a French chef in New York

Daniel Poulot is a French chef New YorkBest Owner Title Restaurant In the world, from the “Les Grants-Tables to Monte” association for his primary restaurant “Daniel”.
Paulute, from the French city of Lyon, an association of 184 international restaurants, emigrated to New York in 1982, saying, “In the eyes of many North Americans, French food or even art is about gastronomy.”
Paul, 66, who has lived in New York for nearly 40 years, defines his cuisine as French-style but with American products and flavors.
In addition to the “Daniel” New York restaurant, which received two “Michelin stars”, Chef owns other restaurants in the United States, Canada, Dubai, Singapore and the Bahamas, according to AFP.
“This title is the latest in a long list of awards and rewards,” Boulud told AFP after announcing his selection, “a sign of professional commitment and the friendliness and support of colleagues in a highly competitive field.”
Pauludin’s business, like many in New York, was plagued by the Covid-19 epidemic, which killed about 34,000 people in the city, but continued to work on the closed sidewalk of his restaurant, “the heat in the winter, the air conditioning in the summer and the music.”
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French cuisine is a culinary style inherited from the French people, the result of centuries of social and political change, and popular for its luxurious decorative tables used by the upper class in the Middle Ages.
French cuisine is characterized by its reliance on certain spices and herbal flavors, and vary in style and style from one city to another.

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