April 1, 2023

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The UAE is preparing to test self-driving cars ... what are their benefits?

The UAE is preparing to test self-driving cars … what are their benefits?

The Emirati announcement came in Shaikh’s tweet Mohammed bin Rashid Al-MaktoumThe Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, on his official Twitter account on Tuesday.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said: “Our goal is to make this type of car safe, secure and of good quality. We are jointly awaiting the report of the Ministry of Interior. Artificial Intelligence Office Test results to make the right decision.

He continued, “I chaired the cabinet meeting Expo Dubai 2020 We acknowledge the Ministry of Home Affairs’ request to begin testing self-driving cars on UAE roads, and report to the Council for permanent approval if the Ministry adopts this technology in conjunction with competent authorities in the future.

A self-driving car is a vehicle that is aware of its environment and can operate without human intervention.

A passenger does not need to control the vehicle at any time, nor does a passenger need to drive it.

And the autonomous car can do everything an experienced driver would do, no matter where a regular car goes.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there are currently 6 levels of “driving automation” ranging from level 0 (complete manual) to level 5 (completely autonomous), i.e. self-driving.

An important step towards the future

For his part, says automotive expert Hussein Mustafa Emirati experience Self-driving cars are an important step towards the future because global estimates suggest that by 2050, electric cars, especially self-driving cars, will dominate.

Mustafa adds to Sky News Arabia: “Since this is a new product to the world, there are many strong challenges facing self-driving cars, and they can be summarized in three main challenges: proper pricing, fitted roads, and user safety.”

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Three challenges

He continues: “Self-driving cars are very expensive, which is completely logical in the present era, but as the days go by and their global spread rate increases, their price will be more suitable for a large section of users. In the past with traditional fuel cars, it was. Before a modern product is again the stage of history.He has unprecedented advantages and writes the first lines for a completely new chapter in the automotive industry.

The second challenge is to find suitable ways to get self-driving cars, he added: “I think the roads are not a problem for the UAE in the experience of this type of car. The World Economic Forum is one of the first countries in the world in road quality.”

Mustafa explains that the biggest challenge of testing “self-driving cars” is to achieve an error rate equal to zero.

The automotive expert added: “We need to make sure that these cars can fully read the environment, weather and traffic conditions, and measure the reaction speed of other cars, and that the error rate should reach zero. Percent.”

Synopsis, an American company specializing in the field of “automation” of electronic design for “self-driving cars”, explained that there was a split in the concept of suitable roads for these cars. Those who are likely to have their own roads.

The biggest success of this experiment is that there are those who believe that these cars will go on the same road with their traditional counterparts, and this idea was liked by Hussein Mustafa, an engineer who specializes in the automotive industry.

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Commenting on this, Mustafa said, “Autonomous cars must react faster than human beings, self-driving on the same road and having two conventional cars on the same road. “

At the recent meeting of the United Arab Emirates Cabinet on Self-Driving Cars held at Expo 2020 Dubai, there was a discussion on the laws that need to be developed and amended for future use of these cars in the country.

Unprecedented benefits

Mustafa points out that self-driving cars are “environmentally friendly” and offer unprecedented benefits to their users, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that could help them cope with future “global warming” events. And reduces the level of global pollution rates.

He adds: “The proliferation of self-driving cars and the success of their testing indicates a very low accident rate because most accidents are caused by human error.”

He added, “The second advantage is the user’s comfort, because he does not make any effort during his daily trips in the car, and it is more suitable for determined people who have difficulty driving traditional cars.”

And the automobile industry expert concludes his interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “It will be a happy event for all Arab countries. It’s been years. “