March 25, 2023

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The UAE is ready to host the "COP28 Conference" in 2023

The UAE is ready to host the “COP28 Conference” in 2023

This was confirmed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, and Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commander of the Armed Forces. Is ready to host the largest international conference to address climate challenges. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has submitted a request to hold the COP28 Conference in 2023.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum tweeted, “The UAE has submitted a request to host the COP28 Conference on 2023 … the largest global conference of heads of state and heads of state on climate and environmental issues. We look forward to the UAE being ready for a global event if we succeed in hosting.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan said in a tweet on Twitter: “In the next two days, the host country for the COP28 climate conference will be selected in 2023. The UAE is a country of opportunities, cooperation and positive action, and we are ready to host the largest international conference and find solutions to it, Earth. Climate challenges facing.

In addition, the Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, Special Envoy of the United Arab Emirates for Climate Change Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber issued an open call from the United Arab Emirates to cooperate with the aim of finding sustainable solutions to mitigate the consequences. Achieving climate change and sustainable economic and social development.

This came in the wake of al-Jaber’s UAE speech before the twenty-sixth session of the Conference of Parties (COP26) currently taking place in Glasgow. By hosting Expo 2020 in Dubai, the mind connects to create the future.

He expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Asia-Pacific delegation for supporting the United Arab Emirates’ request to hold the Twenty-eighth Session of the COP28 Conference of Parties in 2023: “We are proud to have the support of Asia. I would like to thank all the partners and friends here. We look forward to your support during our meetings and discussions in the days to come. We look forward to welcoming you in 2023 to work together.

Al-Jaber reviewed the country’s experience in the field of climate action and its capabilities and capabilities to host the largest and most important global event on climate change. He explained that sustainable development is an integral part of the United Arab Emirates’ approach, adding: “The founding father, Sheikh Saeed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (may God rest his soul), established the principles of stability in all areas, and the United Nations in the field of environmental protection and diversification.” The basic implementer of the initiative is to formulate policies aimed at mitigating energy resources and mitigating the effects of climate change, ”he explained.

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He stressed that the vision of the leadership of the United Arab Emirates on climate action is that it is an opportunity for sustainable economic and social development.

He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important for the United States. .

Al-Jaber pointed out that the United Arab Emirates has entered an era of change in the energy sector, adding: “We see this change as an opportunity to focus on new avenues towards the future, and we see investment in low carbon. Solutions Achieve economic prosperity. Last October, the United Arab Emirates announced a strategic initiative to adopt climate neutrality by 2050. The initiative is in line with the vision of the leadership in the United Arab Emirates and maintains momentum with the aspirations and policies of the country. Over the next fifty years, this initiative will provide an open call from the United Arab Emirates to the world, while creating the impetus for economic growth, for partnership and cooperation to find sustainable solutions.

He explained that once the UAE is elected to the Security Council for the period 2022-2023, climate action will be a top priority for it. He stressed the need to create an investment system that will play a key role in mitigating and mitigating the effects of climate change, fulfilling developed countries’ commitment to provide $ 100 billion to support climate change in developing countries. Development.

During the COP26 conference, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), based in the UAE and Abu Dhabi, announced the launch of the Renewable Energy Accelerator platform, which aims to accelerate the transition to renewable energy in developing countries.

The United Arab Emirates has pledged $ 400 million through the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development.

The conference saw the official announcement of the “agro-climate innovation” initiative, a major global initiative led by the United Arab Emirates and the United States, with the participation of 30 countries.

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The initiative, with an initial commitment of $ 4 billion, aims to accelerate efforts to improve climate-smart food and agricultural systems over the next five years.

The UAE has pledged an additional $ 1 billion investment as part of this effort to focus on accelerating innovation in agriculture and food systems that support climate change.

Over the past five decades, the country has succeeded in reducing the amount of natural gas burning in the domestic energy sector by more than 90%. In turn, the hydrocarbon sector in the United Arab Emirates today has just 0.01% of the world’s lowest methane emissions intensity.

The UAE will improve its methane efficiency based on the very low level of methane intensity in the energy sector.

The United Arab Emirates, represented by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, has announced a blueprint for achieving leadership in the hydrogen sector, which is a comprehensive national plan to support low carbon local industries, achieve climate neutrality and strengthen the country’s position. As a source of hydrogen.

With over $ 17 billion invested in clean energy projects on six continents, the UAE has practical experience and excellent track record in climate action.

UAE focuses on accelerating progress in developing commercially viable clean technologies and solutions.

The United Arab Emirates currently owns the world’s largest and most cost-effective solar power plants. It is the first country in the region to implement carbon capture, utilization and storage technology and the first country to incorporate nuclear energy. To its electrical phase.

The United Arab Emirates supports the “Transition to Sustainable Food and Agriculture” agenda

Mariam Bint Mohammed Saeed Hareb Al Muhairi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, announced the United Arab Emirates’ support for an action policy agenda for change for sustainable food and agriculture, outlining the paths and actions that actors can take in the public and private sectors. Employed to support agriculture during the high-level event “Accelerating Change Towards Sustainable Agriculture for Peoples, Climate and Nature” held as part of Nature Day activities at “COP28 in 2023”.

The program is a joint venture between COP26 Leadership, the World Bank and Just Rural Transition.

Al-Muhairi said that working alone was not enough to achieve our common goal of achieving sustainability and emphasizing the value and effectiveness of international partnerships in eradicating hunger globally, and that the United Arab Emirates had endorsed and endorsed the action agenda for transition to sustainable food. And agriculture, and we believe in the ability of the agenda to support a comprehensive shift in the international community towards sustainable agriculture through appropriate policies and investments.

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The agenda emphasizes the importance of agriculture in food production, livelihoods for billions of people worldwide, and contributing to economic growth. At the same time, agriculture is the second largest contributor to global warming after energy. The sector, and the main cause of biodiversity loss, is undermining diets and posing a major challenge to farmers, communities and economies around the world.

International officials praised the efforts of the United Arab Emirates

During the work of the new session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26), international officials expressed their appreciation for the United Arab Emirates’ efforts in the field of climate action over the past decades, its declaration of support, and a number of commitments, including the “Leadership Pledge to Nature” announced during the conference. Commitment, which pledges the international community to take the necessary steps to achieve sustainable development and pave the way for the recovery of nature and biodiversity by 2030. The announcement of the Hydrogen Leadership Path of Energy and Infrastructure, a comprehensive national plan aimed at supporting low-income local industries carbon, and the announcement to increase the mangrove forest planting target to 100 million trees by 2030 and the federal and multi-initiative local organizations are working with the private sector.

Vice President of the State:

“We look forward to announcing the country’s selection in the next two days … and the UAE is ready for the global event.”

Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi:

“The UAE is a country of opportunities, cooperation and positive action … and we are ready to address climate challenges.”

$ 400 million UAE support for a platform to accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

$ 4 billion worth of liabilities for the agro-climate innovation effort.

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