May 18, 2022

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The United Arab Emirates celebrates “Arab Poetry”

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The state’s cultural and poetry institutions celebrate “World Poetry Day” on March 21 each year, and poets, creators, intellectuals and thinkers love the Arabic language and belong to the Arab culture and its fine poetic tradition. The United Arab Emirates is strengthening its role in this field by supporting cultural and poetic projects, strengthening the Arab cultural movement in the belief that poetry is one of the pillars for the integration of cultural identity and heritage.

On this occasion, many poets emphasized that rhetorical Arabic poetry in all its forms and genres had made a vast advance towards universalism, and had even become a presence on cultural and intellectual platforms. The world has its cultural, intellectual and aesthetic messages and values.

Poetry translation

Initially, the poet Nabil Imad spoke on the subject of translation of poetry, a major issue related to translation, which has been the subject of controversy among poets, critics, translators, and readers alike. Through Horace and al-Jahis, finally, Jacobson and Myconic noticed it, and it was surrounded by a set of prejudices that divide those interested into two parts.

However, the poet Walid al-Saraf said: Poetry is not translated, but rather the fire that is extinguished in the way between two languages, despite this, he explained that we see Taco, Rainer Maria Rilke, Jacques all over the world. Privert, before Shakespeare, before Homer, he knew no Arab poet. He said: Yes, it was translated by al-Baydi, Adonis and other poets, and the translation is easy, but in fact, no scholar in the world has read al-Mudanabi himself, he is the feeling of our poets until now. .

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Intermediate language

Poet Hassan Ameer said that it would be very difficult to translate many Arabic and non-Arabic texts into another intermediate language if they were based solely on verbal representation, because what is transmitted from poetry is its meaning and vision. To see things through the eyes of poetry and the poet in Arabic poetry, many contemporary and non-contemporary poetic meanings and visions make Arabic poetry universal texts, you can find someone who deals with them with greater sensitivity and better understanding of what is suitable for man in every age and place.

Poet Nasser al-Kalpani said that eloquent Arabic poetry is the light of heaven that fills the universe of Arabia and the world even more.