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The United Arab Emirates has approved the urgent use of a new vaccine against Covit-19 from Sinopharma.


One study showed immunity against the virus mutants
The country will produce the vaccine and distribute it as a stimulant in early 2022

Dubai: “Gulf”
The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has approved the urgent use of the “new restorative protein-based vaccine” from Sinopharma CNPG. This decision was made after rigorous monitoring and evaluation of data from a study conducted in the United Arab Emirates.
The Ministry ensured that the emergency use of this vaccine is in full compliance with the regulations and laws that allow for expeditious review of licensing procedures within the framework of the Ministry’s comprehensive and concerted efforts to improve safety. Community members from the “Govt 19” epidemic in the country.
Participants who were vaccinated with two doses of the inactive “synopharma cnpg” vaccine against “Govit-19” were included in the study, where the seroconversion rate was recorded as 100% neutralizing antibodies, with and without high protection rates. Serious side effects. To all participants.
The Ministry explained that the vaccine showed enhanced immunity against mutants arising from the SARS-CoV-2 virus, with a high protection rate that allows for rapid production and easy storage and distribution. The study, conducted in the United Arab Emirates, showed that volunteers who had previously received two doses of the inactivated “synopharma cnpg” vaccine also showed immunity to the growing mutants of the virus. The move reflects the United Arab Emirates’ strategy of ensuring the health of members of the community and ensuring their safety, as well as its ongoing efforts to combat the epidemic in all possible ways.
Hayat Biotech, a joint venture between Sinopharma CNPG and G42, has approved the ministry’s production and distribution of the new vaccine, where the vaccine will be available to the public. Booster dose in early 2022 as part of measures taken to control the spread of the virus. At a time when reports indicate that the United Arab Emirates is the largest country in the world with coverage of the “Kovit-19” vaccine, with more than 22 million doses delivered as of December 23, 2021.
The ministry pointed out that the positive results achieved by the national campaign for the “Govit-19” vaccine and the commitment of community members to obtain the vaccine were a very important step in overcoming the “Kovit-19”. Recovery should lead to a return to normalcy of life and improve trust and confidence in the community, while continuing to be committed to preventive health practices to protect profits and prevent disease from altering strains in the community.

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