March 30, 2023

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The United Arab Emirates is participating in a military exercise called “Medusa 11” in Greece

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The “Medusa 11” joint military exercise on Greek soil began yesterday with the participation of the Navy and Air Force, special operations and joint aviation from the United Arab Emirates, Greece, Cyprus and Egypt. Will continue for several days. The training is aimed at exchanging experiences between the participating countries, which will help enhance the combat capability of the forces.

Training includes the implementation of a number of activities, including training of troops involved in planning and conducting joint combat operations to enhance the capabilities of commanders and officers.

The exercise, along with the forces of fraternal and allied nations, is structured as a training ground for cooperation, coordination and exchange of experience, as well as training for the implementation of various joint missions, in order to protect the operational arena against various threats. Tasks, and mobilizing at all stages of the exercise with the aim of integrating functional ideas, enhancing collaboration in coordinating and harmonizing the capabilities of the Emirati divisions and various participatory divisions.


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