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The United Arab Emirates plays an influential global role, spreading trust and promoting countries


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Saeed Prize for Human Brotherhood Members of the Arbitration Committee 2022 The United Arab Emirates plays an influential regional and global role, thereby spreading trust and encouraging nations around the world to overcome differences based on the values ​​and principles of human brotherhood. Saeed Gift for Human Brotherhood, with encouraging messages that promote human unity among human beings.

In a statement to WAM, the Emirates news agency, on the page announcing the names of the recipients of the Saeed Prize for Human Brotherhood for 2022, the team members said that the award was a translation of the principles of the Human Brotherhood document. It creates a solid reality by integrating and disseminating the principles of this document by promoting individuals, companies and organizations around the world.Its global message, this award confirms the status of the UAE as a global voice. To establish human values ​​around the world.

For his part, the former President of the Republic of Niger, Hon. Human values ​​are represented in tolerance, peace and coexistence, and its importance in a just and humane world is clear. The current situation in which the world enjoys should promote these human values ​​and principles, empower them, expand their pervasiveness around the world, promote the values ​​of unity, liberty, interdependence, synergy, justice and human rights, and contribute to re-establishing the necessary policies for the whole world.

The former President of the Republic of Niger stressed the importance of the Saeed Prize for Human Brotherhood and its positive impact on the world, as it contains the true values ​​contained in the document on human brotherhood signed in Abu Dhabi on February 4. 2019. An influential global organization with broad global vibrations that contribute to the dissemination and integration of human values ​​in communities and peoples around the world.

He pointed out that the world today needs the values ​​embodied in the Saeed Gift for Human Brotherhood to strengthen the aspects of goodness in the hearts of human beings by promoting the principles of tolerance, coexistence and justice embedded in the gift. It supports good balance in the human psyche.

He noted that the “Saeed Prize for Human Brotherhood” launched by the United Arab Emirates is a contribution to strengthening world peace and transforming the world into a humane and just country. Saeed bin Sultan al-Nahyan, “May God rest his soul”, the late great “Hakim al-Arab” adheres to these values ​​and points to special signs that he was a role model for the formation of these noble values ​​and principles.

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The high number of nominations for the Saeed Prize for Human Brotherhood, which surpassed 200 nominations from around the world in 2022, indicates the widespread global interest in the award, which requires great effort and continuous meetings from the judges. Candidates’ files, including rich information and achievements, are difficult to compare with their owners due to the quality of their work. The strength of the nominees for the award.

The former President of the Republic of Niger made it clear that all the criteria for selecting honorable persons for the Saeed Prize for Human Brotherhood are derived from the Document on Human Brotherhood, the first meeting of which was held in the Italian capital, Rome. Its purpose was to get to know each other and agree on the criteria for selection, and we became a team based on those criteria, which emerged from the values ​​embodied in the Human Brotherhood document, which was balanced in selecting candidates, and each candidate worked hard to conform, implement and disseminate those values.

He expressed his delight at being selected as a member of the jury for the Saeed Prize for Human Brotherhood, and expressed great respect and a great deal of responsibility as a result of this choice. The files submitted indicate that organizations, which require wisdom, impartiality, objectivity and integrity, and teamwork with other members of the panel arbitration have been of great support in facilitating this great responsibility.

For his part, Her Excellency Bumsail Mlambo-Nanguka, former Vice President of South Africa and former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, said the Saeed Prize for Human Brotherhood was of global significance, especially in light of the current situation. The world sees people from different parts of the world uniting to promote and integrate the concept of human brotherhood into the souls of men.

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He also said that the distinction of this award is that it is given to all social groups that affirm the role and importance of each person in the world in integrating the values ​​enshrined in the document of human brotherhood.

His Excellency expressed his delight and pride at being selected as part of the award jury for selecting individuals and organizations that embody the values ​​and principles recommended by the Saeed Prize for Human Brotherhood around the world.

He pointed out that at the 2022 session the award received more than 200 nominations, indicating the presence of many around the world who are succeeding for good in the midst of the crises the world is experiencing today.

He said one of the most important principles focused on selecting respected ones was tolerance, synergy, peace and humanitarian work, with a special focus on organizations and individuals who give to others and work for good and support. Global humanitarian issues, as well as those who have made a clear impact on their local communities.

He stressed that the United Arab Emirates establishes genuine principles of peace, tolerance, coexistence and human solidarity in its relationship with its community and people and the world, and hoped that more and more countries in the world would follow suit. Humanitarian values ​​and policies of the United Arab Emirates.

For his part, Cardinal Michael Cherni, interim governor of the Integrated Human Development Department of the Holy See, said the Saeed Prize for Human Brotherhood is derived from a historical document on human brotherhood signed in Abu Dhabi in 2019. , Contributes to the development of common values ​​and policies as he provides guidance for solving many of the problems that affect him, including the world, including the economy, community or religion.

The Human Fraternity Document is the most important contribution to the contemporary world and to mankind, which reinforces and integrates the concept of the human family in a broad way, including all-inclusive, and provides areas for translating human values ​​and principles. A platform to use human brotherhood to coordinate our efforts and find solutions to the most important problems facing the world.

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He pointed out that the Saeed Prize for Human Brotherhood is of special importance to the human fraternity as it is the first step in translating the principles of the Human Brotherhood document into concrete reality on earth.

The jury has received more than 200 nomination files for the award from around the world, and he is proud of the presence of many individuals and organizations around the world who work to promote the values ​​of human brotherhood in various countries. Communities provide an opportunity to renew the values ​​of the Human Fraternity document and learn about the initiatives and nature of global humanitarian work in its various forms and in many films.

Dr. Aladdin is the chairman of the project and a member of the arbitral tribunal. Leah Besar, Sayyid’s gift to the human brotherhood is very important because it focuses on our common humanity at a time when the world is suffering from a series of crises. And because there is brotherhood among us, it has become necessary to focus on the principles and human values ​​that it embodies.

He added: “We at the Arbitration Council have accepted the responsibility of selecting the Honorable with the utmost responsibility, diligence and seriousness in the examinations which emphasize the message of this award which is mentioned in the Human Brotherhood.

He pointed out that the United Arab Emirates plays an influential regional and global role in spreading trust and encouraging nations around the world to overcome differences by promoting the values ​​and principles of human brotherhood through the Saeed Prize for Human Brotherhood and its inspiring messages. It promotes human solidarity among human beings because it represents trust, tolerance and dialogue and unites people from all over the world.

He said the Saeed Prize for Human Brotherhood, in its third edition, was gaining more momentum and widespread global trust, and was continuing to grow as it embraced global principles.


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