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The video reveals that the “study” finger burst is the fastest movement in the human body


A new study has found that the fastest movement of human beings, which almost everyone does without even realizing it for a moment, is one of the fastest movements of the body and exceeds the blink of an eye.

A team of scientists and researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology measured the speed and acceleration of the eruption of the fingers located between the thumb and middle finger.
Scientists used high-speed cameras and the latest Force sensors to measure.

According to the Scientific Journal of the Royal Society’s Interface, scientists have found that this finger crack is the fastest movement ever recorded in the human body.

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The results show that the speed of the finger during this movement can reach 7800 degrees per second, the maximum acceleration of rotation is 1.6 million degrees per square second, and three times faster than the hand speed of a professional baseball player. According to a report in “LifeScience” magazine.

The clicks work by using the arm muscles as a motor to load the spring-like tendons in the fingers and hands, which provide flexible energy that is quickly released to create amazing acceleration of the fingers.

The friction between the thumb and middle finger plays an important role in the latch by attaching the middle finger to the thumb and preventing it from moving. Once enough energy is generated, the friction is overcome, and the thumb and middle finger release each other, unleashing the sound-producing collision.

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“When I first looked at the data, I jumped out of my seat,” said Chad Pamla, an associate professor of chemistry and biomolecular engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. 20 times faster than the blink of an eye. “It takes more than 150 milliseconds.”

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