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The Xbox Streaming Stick will soon save us from X series shortages

The Xbox Streaming Stick will soon save us from X series shortages

The Xbox Streaming Stick will soon save us from X series shortages

Xbox Xbox X

Picture: Alex Crunch / Kismodo

Microsoft will soon be able to remove the biggest barrier between gamers and the Xbox Chip.Annoying gaming service. The company is said to be introducing a streaming stick – which VentureBeat describes as an Amazon Firestick or tablet like Rogue – which eliminates the need to purchase a console, which is an entry barrier. Chip shortage.

Like the Roku Stick, the portable device connects to your TV’s HDMI port, giving you access to the Xbox Cloud Gaming service, which includes hundreds of games through the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. VentureBeat reports this Holders of Samsung TVs do not need any additional hardware. This is because the company has teamed up with Microsoft to build a gaming streaming processor directly into its packages – similar to TCL’s Roku TVs.

According to the table, Jeff Group from Venture Beat And Tom Warren from the edge It has been reported that the streaming stick will be available within the next 12 months. I will not breathe Xbox CEO Phil Spencer said that in November 2020, we will see the use of the Xbox app on TVs in Get It.12 months, And “he does not believe that anything will stop us from doing so.” The company doubled last June, revealing plans to launch an app and launching live streaming “soon”. Almost a year ago and have not seen such products.

However, Microsoft is continuing its campaign to make the Xbox accessible to all. In this case, the company is reported to have launched.Xbox everywhereThis is the effort that started after that Fifteen days For Xbox Cloud Gaming, it offers gamers the ability to play on iPhones, Android devices and Windows PCs via a web browser.

Allowing gamers to play the vast library of Xbox games without the console would give Microsoft an edge over its main competitor. Sony, especially at a time when demand for consoles outweighs distribution. With the streaming stick, customers can play hundreds of Xbox game pass games, while at the same time finding stock consoles and paying for expensive hardware.

It remains to be seen whether this streaming stick will persuade customers to give up buying an Xbox console. The addon must be competitively priced and provide an attractive gaming experience that fits the Xbox Series X and Series S offerings. I’m particularly interested in what resolutions the streaming stick supports and frame rates. Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) runs by default at 1080p at 60fps.

Playing in the cloud directly from the broadcast chip or utility may not be of interest to competitors who require less delay or may not be a viable solution for those with poor connectivity. However, if done right, it will be a popular choice among casual gamers who can not justify spending up to $ 500 on the console – or anyone who is tired of waiting for it. Progress to hell To complete.

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