January 29, 2023

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Thieves broke into the defense minister’s home and stole the president’s car

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Authorities say thieves broke into the home of Chile’s defense minister Maya Fernandez’s son after he beat and threatened her husband.

Fernandez, the granddaughter of the late Socialist leader Salvador Allende, was not home when thieves broke into the Nonova area of ​​Santiago late Friday.

Also, a bodyguard who was on the security team of Chilean President Gabriel Borek was shot dead by Assamese who stole the president’s car at a time when Chile was experiencing “the worst period in terms of security since the return of democracy.” Rates have increased.

On Saturday, the region’s police chief, General Jean Camus, announced that “there was a robbery at the defense minister’s house” and that “unidentified individuals stole money and a car.”

That same night, a National Police sergeant working as a bodyguard in the president’s office was robbed and shot when a group approached him while he was sitting in an official car.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in the San Miguel area of ​​southern Santiago as the man was returning to the presidential palace. Police say the attackers took him to a town north of Santiago, shot him, left him on the street and fled in a car.

No information was available about his health.

Chilean officials have called for redoubled efforts to prevent crime and improve security.

“We have taken concrete steps to go after organized crime,” said Deputy Interior Minister Manuel Mansolve.

Chilean authorities have blamed organized crime groups for the growing chaos and have pledged to improve cooperation between military police officers and their civilian counterparts.

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