May 30, 2023

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This is the first case of monkey fever in the country this year

This is the first case of monkey fever in the country this year

According to the Disease Control Authority, the first death from monkey flu this year in Nigeria was reported by a patient with chronic health problems.

The Nigerian Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Sunday that by 2022, 21 out of 66 suspected cases have been confirmed to be infected, making it more common in Nigeria and other parts of West and Central Africa.

The Nigerian center added: “The death was recorded in a 40-year-old patient suffering from other illnesses and taking immunizations.”

There has been no outbreak of monkey flu in Nigeria since September 2017, but it does report occasional cases of the disease.

Skin changes in the body of a young man infected with monkey pox (Archive)

Since then, at least 247 people in 22 of its 36 states have been affected by the disease, with a death rate of 3.6%, the center said.

Recent outbreaks of monkey pox have been reported in Europe and the United States, causing fear among residents of those countries, most of whom have not reported any cases of the disease for years.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 200 cases have been reported in more than 20 countries that have not experienced eruptions before. Out of Africa the monkey flu has not yet spread on a large scale.

Monkey pox is a rare viral disease of genetic origin, according to the World Health Organization.The virus is transmitted from animals to humans)

Monkey box virus

Monkey box virus

One of the symptoms of the infection is swollen lymph nodes before the rash appears, which distinguishes the monkey box from other similar diseases. Although there is a measles vaccine, there is no cure or vaccine to fight the virus It has proven to be very effective in preventing it.

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The monkey was first found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1970, and since then most cases have been reported in the rainforests of the Congo Basin and rural West Africa.

Outside countries where the disease is endemic, The injuries are reported to be minor Generally, no deaths have been reported so far.