June 3, 2023

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This year's Christmas tree price increase due to climate change .. Find out the details

This year’s Christmas tree price increase due to climate change .. Find out the details

Christmas trees may be more expensive this ChristmasClimate change That’s why 10 percent of all mature trees are damaged in the Pacific Northwest, which typically grows in Oregon, the center of the Christmas tree industry, and harvests at least five million trees each year.

Tom Norby, president of the Oregon Christmas Tree Growers Association, told the Daily Mail that consumer prices are likely to see a 10% increase as Christmas tree shares are lower than last year.

The record-breaking heat wave hit parts of Canada, Oregon and Washington Temperatures Record 121 degrees in the Great Northern Basin, northern Idaho, parts of northwestern Nevada, and northern California.

Experts say such weather events are almost impossible without man-made climate change, and Oregon grows 31% of Christmas trees in the United States, making it the largest producer in the country.

Not only did the area experience unprecedented temperatures, but 50 days without rain, Matt Furrow, co-owner of Farrow Farms in Hillsborough, Oregon, lost 100% of his seedlings and 50% of the mature trees on his farm. Sold on this big day.

Farmers water the trees from the summer and fight the damage, but watering a large farm with thousands of trees can be expensive, although the heat seems to have affected the trees.

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