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Through “Open Houses”… the story of an Egyptian village helping Sudanese


The Nubian village of Wadi Kargar is located in southern Egypt on the “Aswan-Abu Simbel” tourist road, through which Sudanese people seek a famous bus stop there to visit various areas on their way to Aswan Governorate. It is already famous for many stops.like the people of Sudan.

Zuma told Sky News Arabia: “We have a good relationship with our Sudanese brothers. We consider ourselves a family and we cannot stand idly by when they need support, so the people of Wadi Kargar rallied to the need to lend them a helping hand. As soon as we learned that the authorities had opened the Arkin crossing,” On the Egyptian-Sudan border.

Provide all necessary requirements

And a forty-year-old Nubian man adds to the “Sky News Arabia” website: “Hundreds of Sudanese people flocked to the village, and everyone looked very tired. We opened our doors without a moment’s hesitation to welcome them. We opened several closed houses for them to sleep and get enough rest before they finish their journey.” We prepared.”

And Goma continues: “We worked to provide all possible needs of food and drink, and to fulfill important requests such as contacting their families in Sudan, some of whom had lost their phones during the trip, as well as contacting those they knew in Aswan or Cairo to coordinate their move to new homes in Egypt.”

Relief Honeycomb

Since the crisis erupted in Sudan, people have been anticipating the possibility of citizens seeking the border crossing with Egypt, so the village has become a beehive, confirms Yasser Jazar, official of the Passenger Transport Company of Kargar station. Explaining to “Sky News Arabia”, the order to help the Sudanese as much as possible is that adults and children participate in support as siblings.

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On “Sky News Arabia”, Jazzar added: “The number of buses at the Wadi Kargar stop is not enough for the number of Sudanese. Joint measures were immediately taken to prepare a large number of buses to transport them to Aswan and other governorates. Conditions, and dozens of buses are coming.” From Cairo, until the crisis is over.

Alaa Bahr, a resident of Wadi Karghar, told Sky News Arabia: “In addition to the important government decisions that stand up for the Sudanese, a popular saga is taking place at all levels. We are receiving many phone calls from Aswan and other governorates in Egypt to send aid, for some to participate in any way during this difficult experience. wants.”

Bahr points out that Wadi Karkar will be ready to receive more Sudanese as more volunteers line the road to distribute fruits, juices and water, noting that a medical tent will open in the coming hours to deal with emergency health cases. ‏

Bahr concludes his speech: “We are fully aware of the difficult situations the Sudanese are going through and we are committed to providing them with relief and all their needs. We will not tire. We will support them until the end of their suffering. We will be together in good times and bad times as an expression of our close relationship with them for decades.” .”

It is noteworthy that the Arqin border crossing shows the presence of international relief teams of the Egyptian Red Cross, where psychological support services, medicines, light meals and telephone and network communications are provided by crossing various nations. and between their families.

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