March 23, 2023

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العازف Thundercat يحتفل بمرور 10 سنوات على ألبومه الأول ويطرح نسخة جديدة

Thundergate celebrates 10 years since its debut album and is releasing a new version

The instrumentalist announced Thundergate About the release of the first new edition His albums The Golden Age of the ApocalypseLaunched in 2011 to mark its tenth anniversary, according to a report on the “” website.nme“.

The company participated Brain feed Owned Thundergate , The musician’s announcement on the subject, as well as the release of two additional tracks, “$ 200 Tuberculosis “And” Day (afternoon) “.

New version of is coming The Golden Age of the Apocalypse This year on Friday, November 26, inside the gold envelope, with a large 3D logo sticker Thundergate Rainbow gold details.

The original version of the popular album was released on August 29, 2011, and was co-produced Flying lotus, In addition to participants such as Kamazi Washington, Cameron Greaves, Ronald Brunner Jr., the late Austin Perralda, Shafiq Hussein, Miguel Atwood Ferguson and Erica Badu.

As the singers put it in front Post Malone AndWeekend Their new song Now oneOn the official account of the singer Post MaloneIt has received nearly 5 million views on YouTube since November 5th.

This is part of the lyrics of the new song:

You say you love me but I do not care

That I broke my hand on the same wall where you said he fucked you

You think it’s so easy

Fucks with my feelings

One has come to me, one now

Now one

One has come to me, one now

Now one

You said you want to have my children

I cheated on you so well, you have to pay me

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Don’t call me baby

When you did me so much wrong

But I have passed what you have already done