June 8, 2023

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"Tic Tac Toe" removes search engine Google from the throne of most visited sites - Jerusalem

“Tic Tac Toe” removes search engine Google from the throne of most visited sites – Jerusalem

SAN FRANCISCO – (dpa) – Thanks to the wide range of digital services provided by Google, the Google domain name is becoming popular, from Google Maps for maps to Google Photo and Google Flights to flight data. But Tik Tok, a relatively new Chinese application, succeeded in removing the first Google domain name from the list of the most popular domain names in the world.

According to information security firm Cloud Flare, the Tik Tok domain name will be the most popular in the world later this year.
The domain “Google.com” ended up being the most popular in the world last year, while the domain “Tik Tok.com” was seventh. But things have changed dramatically in the current year as the domain “Tik Tok.com” has moved up to number one and the name “Google.com” to second.

Cnet.com, a website that specializes in technical issues, points out that the eruption of the popularity of the Tik Tok social networking application owned by Bite Dance during the emerging corona virus epidemics contributed to the huge leap TikTok.com has achieved. Domain name. And the number of Tik Tok users reached one billion monthly active users last September.

According to Cloudflare, Tik Tok topped the list of the world’s most popular domain names for a few days in February, March and May this year. But after August 10, the name became the number one priority for most of the day.
According to the survey, Tik Tok and Google domain names rank first and second, Facebook.com third, Microsoft.com fourth, Apple.com fifth and Amazon.com sixth. Location, and Netflix ranks seventh. YouTube is eighth, Twitter is ninth, and finally WhatsApp.com is tenth.