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Tiger Group … Washington’s plan to drive out “nuclear, biological and chemical”


And on Thursday, the US president promised Joe BidenAmid international fears that the ongoing war in Ukraine could slip back on the path of confrontation with Russia if chemical weapons are used.

Analysts told Sky News Arabia that the United States was developing biological laboratories outside its borders and had a documented history of using nuclear and chemical weapons during its wars.

The American newspaper “The New York Times” referred to Washington’s plan to retaliate if Russia used nuclear, biological or chemical weapons, but did not disclose details of the plan.

The newspaper said Moscow had created a panel of White House officials to create scenes of reaction from Washington and its allies to the use of such weapons.

He explained that there is a group called the “Tiger Group”, which examines the response to the alleged Russian attack on arms and aid to Ukraine. NATO.

The panel is also considering how Washington should respond to the spread of such hostilities in neighboring countries, including Moldova and Georgia.

The U.S. newspaper reports that the document establishing the “Tiger group” was signed four days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, by Jake Sullivan, the US presidential aide to national security.

The group has played a key role in imposing sanctions on Russia, increasing the number of troops in NATO countries and arming Ukrainian forces. Ukraine.

Islam Annan, professor of health economics and epidemiology, noted that “after the Geneva Convention in 1925, there were signatories to the use of biological weapons, which were” the cheapest types of weapons of mass destruction.

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Over the past few days, Washington and Moscow have exchanged accusations about the use Biological weapons And chemical weapons in Ukraine, Russia demonstrating its nuclear weapons.

Biden said of his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin: “We have new biological and chemical weapons in Europe.

“They also point out that there are biological and chemical weapons in Ukraine, which is a clear indication that he (Putin) is considering using both,” Biden added.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Washington has allocated $ 32 million for the operation of Ukrainian military laboratories in Kiev, Odessa and Kharkiv, and the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) has allocated $ 1.6 million to study the spread of the disease by bats. For humans in Ukraine and Georgia, according to Moscow.

Russia also said it had revealed a plan carried out by the devices Intelligence The Ukrainian and “Azov Battalion”, known for the “neo-Nazi sympathies” of the Ukrainian National Guard, intended to accuse Russia of detonating a nuclear research plant at the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology. An environmental disaster.

A spokesman commented Russian Ministry of Defense Regarding this, Igor Konashenkov said, “Experts of the Russian forces for protection against radiation and chemical and biological weapons were found through documents obtained from the staff. Biological laboratories Ukrainian officials have revealed new facts that prove the direct involvement of the US Department of Defense in the development of biological weapons components in Ukraine.

“The main goal of this program is to obtain new strains of anthrax,” he said, noting that “the Pentagon has documented its agreement with a private pharmaceutical company.”

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Observers did not rule out the use of biological weapons in the war between Russia and Ukraine, saying the move would be a “humanitarian catastrophe” and its effects would be difficult to control or mitigate, as confirmed by political analysts. In an interview with Sky News Arabia, Mohammed al-Omari said, “The United States does not want to enter into international agreements, so it is not accountable to international law, but it has some flexibility in blaming other countries for producing such biological products.”

Al-Omari explained, “One of the reasons behind the decision to set up biological laboratories outside the United States is to remove the risk from the country and use those laboratories to undermine the biological safety of other countries.”

He concluded by saying, “Washington has a documented history of using nuclear and chemical weapons during wars with other nations, and it is the only party that has used nuclear weapons, and the country that has used the most chemical weapons. The world.” Vietnam“.

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