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Tik Tok is expanding to many more TV screens


TikTok makes its presence felt on TV screens in an important way. After initially launched in North America on Amazon’s Fire TV platform, the Dictoc TV app is now available on Samsung and LG smart TVs, as well as Android TV devices including Chromecast with Google TV.

More than a billion people come to TikTok to have fun, learn something new, create memorable content and much more. Earlier this month, we introduced Dictoc TV in the US and Canada as our main partner with Amazon Fire TV. We are now excited to bring the Dictoc TV application to Google TV, other Android TVs, LG Smart TVs and Samsung Smart TVs.

“We are bringing DicTok to the big screen in the living room and introducing a new way to experience DicTok’s fun and creativity together at home,” he added. Through our mobile application, we bring people a little joy. The big screen experience allows families and friends to easily enjoy the stage together.

The TikTok TV processor is designed to provide a home TV viewing experience. This makes it easy for you to view your content and follow-up feeds on the big screen.

Includes the most liked and viewed videos in a variety of genres ranging from games and comedy to food and animals.

People can access the TikTok TV processor using existing accounts. The TV app also has a Discover page that lets you find your favorite content, creatures and genres throughout the platform. Tik Tok videos last up to three minutes.

Tik Tok is available on Samsung and LG TVs

“Our mission is to encourage creativity from day one, bring joy and create a happy space for positive and creative expression,” the company said. As a result, we’re pleased to bring the stage to more living rooms across North America.

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Outside of North America, the operating system will be available on Samsung TVs and Fire TVs in the UK from 2020. The number of users on the processor exceeded 1 billion in September. It is said to surpass YouTube in terms of average viewing time in the United States.

Now you can immerse yourself in byteDance, the operating system’s privacy algorithm on the largest screen in your home.

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