November 29, 2022

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ثقافة وفن : ارتفاع إيرادات فيلم توم هولاند Uncharted إلى 145 مليون دولار

“Tom Holland’s Unsorted” grossed $ 145 million

Saturday 26 February 2022 05:30 AM

The collection of the film has arrived Untitled Since its launch on February 18, the work has been produced by Sony at the global box office to the tune of $ 145 million, and its duration has reached one hour and 56 minutes..

The film split between $ 57 million at the US box office and $ 88 million worldwide at the box office. Untitled Starring a cast of stars including Mark Wallberg and Tom Holland, the action revolves around the framework of adventure, comedy, drama and action..

According to a statement issued on “movieweb”The release of the new film was postponed several times in December 2020, then to March 2021, and then to July 16, 2021 last year, so the new date was later fixed, i.e. February. 18 of the current year 2022..

German American Center

New movie Untitled “Inspired by the highly successful video game series directed by Robin Fleischer, actors Tom Holland and Antonio Banderas filmed several scenes for the film in the Spanish tourist area of ​​Costa Brava..

The cost of the film “Uncoded”More than $ 230 million, and the shooting ended on October 13, 2020 at “Sa Boudia” beach, according to the city’s municipality. Corona virus..

Source: Culture and the Arts: Tom Holland’s Untitled Film Raises $ 145 Million