May 28, 2023

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Tricks players use to break their fast during matches

Tricks players use to break their fast during matches

Fasting players face difficulty in breaking their fast during official matches as FIFA rules do not require the referee to stop the game.

Although the FA took a significant decision, when the fasting players gave the referees the freedom to stop the matches, the position of the French federation, which imposed on the referees not to stop the matches, was shocking. Allow players to break their fast.

It will not be difficult for players to find tricks to break their fast without being penalized, as some of them have devised simple tricks to break the rules, which allow referees to stop play when matches are played at high temperatures. Don’t allow yourself to stop playing for a minute to break your fast.

The Tunisian goalkeeper, Moise Hassan, made the event during the Tunisian national team’s preparations for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, where he claimed to have been injured against Portugal, as the goalkeeper has a special situation that forced the referee to stop play automatically. , and soldiers took advantage of the situation to break their fast to receive first aid during his fall.

The incident was also revived in the Turkish first division in 2021 when one of the Ankara club players, Keji Oren, was injured, which allowed other players to gather and break the hunger strike, and the funniest thing was that the players of their rival Giresunspor joined them and ate some food with them before he played. He broke his fast.

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The incident was renewed in the 28th week of the Italian league, yesterday, Saturday, with Moroccan Sofiane Amrabat, Fiorentina and Inter meeting, where Italian defender Luca Ranieri said he was injured to allow his Moroccan counterpart to break his fast. The movement, which has attracted widespread attention from the masses, comes after the Italian federation did not listen to the referees, who were asked to stop the game for a few minutes to allow the fasting players to break their fast.

And Moroccan duo Hakim Jiyech and Nasir Mazraoui insisted on fasting during their Champions League semi-final 2019 English clash with Tottenham when they were at Dutch side Ajax Amsterdam and prepared to end their fast by leaving some fluids. Sweets with technical staff, and break their fast while they play, but without stopping.

And in the NBA, American player Kyrie Irving’s time with the Brooklyn Nets brought better follow-up rates because basketball rules allow a coach to make unlimited changes during a game, but the player returns. The precaution coincided with the call to prayer, and he was seen breaking his fast before finishing the match, as he made good use of the laws to break his fast without harming his club.

Meanwhile, Leicester City player Wesley Fobana was lucky enough to be given the chance to referee during one of his team’s matches in the English Premier League last season.