May 17, 2022

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"Twitter" releases a confusing tweet ... no one knows if it's true or "April Fool"!

“Twitter” releases a confusing tweet … no one knows if it’s true or “April Fool”!

With a small tweet of a few words that confused millions of Blue Sparrow followers, Twitter revealed the long-awaited feature through its official account last night.
Social networking giant Jambavan tweeted that it works on the button to edit tweets.

In response to the question of whether the tweet was just a joke, Twitter clarified in a statement that it could not “confirm or deny” and then promised details and explanations.
The tweet sometimes provoked ridicule and sometimes criticism, with some commentators considering that such a correction would provoke a storm and a number of issues among users, while others confirmed on April 1 that it was a “lie”.

It is worth noting that other social media sites, including Facebook, have for years allowed users to modify what they post, which has left some Twitter enthusiasts confused by the lack of this feature.

The option to edit tweets allows platform users to correct tweets if they post incorrect information and then realize it or make a typo or think to edit what they have written.

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